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Integrations & Apps

The articles in this section cover all of the integrations offered with MyCase! Utilize our integrations to streamline calendar management, virtual receptionists, tracking financial data, and more.

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Docketwise Integration
Hona (formerly Milestones)
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Migrate to the New Outlook Plugin without a final sync from the Old Plugin
Uninstalling the Old MyCase/Outlook Plugin
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How can I update the Quickbooks accounts that I sync to?
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Quickbooks: Writing Checks from Trust in MyCase
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CalendarRules Integration FAQ
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QuickBooks for Desktop - Intuit Sync Manager
Syncing deposits into Trust to Quickbooks
Syncing Withdraws from Trust with QuickBooks
How are retainers synced to QuickBooks?
Integrating Docketwise with MyCase
How do I sync invoices and payments with Quickbooks?
Sync MyCase calendar with Apple iCal
Migrating Existing Dropbox Documents into MyCase
Sharing the "MyCase" Folder in Dropbox
How are invoices handled in QuickBooks?
Dropbox Sync Installation Instructions
Working within Dropbox
Getting Existing Outlook Calendar Events into MyCase
Syncing invoices and payments with QuickBooks
Calendar Integration Sync Tutorial
Getting Existing Google Calendar Events into MyCase
Setting up the Quickbooks Integration
How do I link MyCase with Google?
Integrating in MyCase
Quickbooks Sync Guide
Rule-Based Calendaring in MyCase (via CalendarRules)
How do I link MyCase with Outlook?
Zapier Integration
Intaker Integration
LEX Reception
Answering Legal Help Article