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Getting Existing Google Calendar Events into MyCase
Getting Existing Google Calendar Events into MyCase
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When you link your MyCase account to your Google account, a lot of people expect existing Google Calendar events to appear in MyCase. Don't be alarmed when those existing events DO NOT appear in MyCase - this is intentional.

If you would like your existing Google Calendar events to appear in MyCase, please follow these instructions:

When you link MyCase with Google Calendar, you will notice a MyCase calendar gets added to the My Calendars section of your Google Calendar (pictured below). Only events on this MyCase calendar will be 2-way synced with the MyCase web app.

In the screenshot below, you will notice there is also a calendar named Personal calendar. This is an existing Google calendar that has events that I would like to get into MyCase. To do this, we will export the existing calendar, then import the events onto the MyCase calendar.

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Export Existing Google Calendar

Under the My Calendars section, mouse-over the calendar that you would like to export. Click the 3 dots to the right of the calendar, then choose Settings and sharing (pictured below).

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Toward the top of the Settings page, find the section called Import & Export. Click on Export on the left. Then look under the Export section on the right where you can click the word Export again. This will download a zip file to your computer with all of your calendar events in them. Open the zip file on your computer to see the files for each folder in your Google account.

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Import the File Onto MyCase Calendar

Now that you have exported the calendar files of your existing Google Calendar, we will import that file on to the MyCase calendar.
First, find the MyCase calendar that was automatically created in your Google Account. Click the 3 dots to the right of the MyCase calendar, then choose Settings and Sharing. Towards the top of settings, locate the Time Zone section. Make sure that the time zone for the calendar is set to the appropriate time for your location before importing!

Once the time zone is correct, under Import & export, click Import. Then look toward the right under Import to select the proper file from your computer first (refer to the zip files previously downloaded) and then select the MyCase calendar under 'Add to calendar'. Click Import.

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Your existing Google calendar will now also appear on the MyCase calendar in Google. The next time the MyCase/Google sync runs, the MyCase web app will pull in all of your existing Google Calendar events.

As always, if you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to contact us at or call our support team at (800) 571-8062.

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