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Intaker Integration
Written by Jodi Hinkle
Updated over a week ago

What is Intaker

Intaker is a law firm marketing automation solution that helps law firms stand out in their market, focusing on empathy, speed of response, and scale. Their unique offerings include a website video chat feature that allows lawyers to showcase their personalities and communication styles.

The integration with Intaker is a one-way sync: leads from Intaker are sent to MyCase.

How does Intaker work with MyCase?

  • Leads captured by Intaker show up on the Leads tab in MyCase.

  • Click the Online Leads tab to see Intaker leads.

  • A transcript of the conversation is recorded on the client details page.

How do I integrate Intaker with MyCase?

To integrate Intaker with Mycase, schedule a 15-minute demo here.

If you are already an Intake customer, follow the instructions here.

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