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Integrating Docketwise with MyCase
Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

Who is Docketwise?

Docketwise is the #1 rated immigration software used by thousands of immigration-focused law firms. Docketwise modernizes immigration practices with multilingual intake forms that dynamically generate complete immigration applications based on simple questions.

Docketwise's MyCase integration enables firms to automate immigration forms for clients and matters stored in MyCase by sharing contacts and cases across MyCase and Docketwise.

Docketwise questionnaires are easy to understand, customizable, shareable via email, text or print and available in over seven languages.

What does the Docketwise integration do?

Once installed, the integration pulls existing contact and case information from MyCase and places it in Docketwise. It also sends any updates to contacts or cases made in Docketwise. The following information is sent back and forth between systems, including:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Physical Address

  • Case Names

  • Case Descriptions

  • The association between a contact and a case


Will there be future enhancements?

Absolutely! We will continuously be improving the integration! By the end of 2022, we will allow custom fields to sync. This means many of the standard fields you want to be transferred from Docketwise (like A-Numbers, Place of Birth, Date of Entry or additional information) will move to MyCase. We have a lot of other exciting ideas for this integration that we look forward to sharing with you when we get closer.

Do I need to have both MyCase and Docketwise to use the integration?

Yes, you will need to have an account for both Docketwise and MyCase in order to integrate the two.

Installing the Integration

To set up Docketwise in MyCase, your firm needs to have a Docketwise account. The person setting up the integration needs to be a MyCase admin user. The integration setup is done through Docketwise. Clicking "Go to Docketwise" on the MyCase integration page takes you to the Docketwise integration setup page.


As you walk through the setup in Docketwise, you will see a MyCase permissions popup (as displayed below). Once you click "Allow," the setup is complete! Docketwise obtains contact and case information and creates contacts on your behalf.

To verify that the integration was successful, you can navigate to the Integrations & Apps page by clicking Settings on the top right of the navigation screen.


Removing the Integration

If, for any reason, you no longer wish to use the Docketwise integration, you can go back to the Integrations page, scroll until you see the right tile, and click "Remove."


You will see a popup to confirm that you want to remove the Docketwise integration. Once removed, Docketwise will no longer create or update cases or clients on your behalf. Clicking "Remove Integration" successfully uninstalls the integration. All existing entries added before the integration removal will remain.


For more information about the MyCase and Docketwise integration, review the MyCase Integration help article .

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