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Syncing Withdrawals from Credit with Quickbooks
Syncing Withdrawals from Credit with Quickbooks
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Before getting started….

If you have never used non-trust retainers in MyCase, then you will first need to enable them. To do this, click on your name in the upper-right and go to Settings > Client Billing & Invoice Settings > Billing & Invoice Preferences > Non-Trust Retainers and Credit Accounts

Syncing Credit Deposits to QuickBooks

To enter a deposit into Credit for a client, search on the client’s name in the upper-right to access the client’s Contact Details, then navigate to Billing > Credit History and click the Withdraw from Credit button (this button will only appear if the client has a credit balance):

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You will then be presented with the Withdraw Non-Trust Credit Funds window. Clicking the Write QuickBooks Check option will present you with a Check #: field, and a field to Choose a payee - these fields will be used to create a check in QuickBooks, which is used to reduce the amount in the liability account which is linked to to your Operating account.

Note: Payee’s in QuickBooks are stored as vendors or customers - these are individuals or companies which you pay directly out of your Operating account for their services (Example: court reporting fees, expert witnesses, etc.)

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After filling in all applicable fields, simply clicking Withdraw will update the amount in the client’s Credit account in MyCase, as well as create a check in QuickBooks to update the Operating Account and the associated Liability Account balance there.

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