How do I link MyCase with Outlook?

Linking MyCase to your Outlook account is simple! Once they're linked, you will have 2-way synchronization of calendar events.

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Linking MyCase to your Outlook account is simple! Once they're linked, you will have 2-way synchronization of calendar events between MyCase and your Outlook Calendar.

Note: MyCase calendar integration is compatible with Office 365, Outlook 13, Outlook 16, Outlook 19, Exchange Online, and

How to link MyCase with Outlook:

Click Settings (top right corner), then click on Integrations & Apps.

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Once Integrations & Apps is open, find the Calendar Integration App. Click on Sync with MyCase.

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A new window will pop up and prompt you to select which calendar application you would like to sync with, choose Outlook Calendar.

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You will be taken to Outlook. If you are not already signed into an Outlook account, simply enter your email and password to login. If you are already signed into an Outlook account, you will see a screen that asks you to allow access.

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The last prompt will allow MyCase to access your Outlook Calendar and vice versa. Click on Yes.

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You will then be taken back into MyCase and presented with a How Calendar Sync Works window (pictured below). This page will give you an overview of how the calendar sync works with Outlook as well.

Once complete, click on Close or Go To Calendar.

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Your MyCase account is successfully linked to your Outlook account.

Later you can return to Integrations & Services to uninstall the sync or manage settings.

Please note: SOL dates will not sync with Outlook Calendar

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Outlook Calendar Events Not Showing Up In MyCase: When people sync their MyCase account with Outlook, they expect their existing Outlook Calendar events to appear in MyCase. This will not happen! If you would like to have your existing Outlook Calendar events appear in MyCase, please learn more about Getting Existing Outlook Calendar Events Into MyCase.

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Once your MyCase account has been successfully linked with Outlook, your Outlook Calendar will have a new calendar added to it called "MyCase" (pictured below). It is important to remember that in Outlook, only calendar events added/edited in the "MyCase" calendar will be synchronized with MyCase. All of the other calendars in Outlook are invisible to MyCase.

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