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What is Briefpoint

Briefpoint automates the drafting of routine discovery responses and requests with AI, saving hours of time per document.

Briefpoint can assist with generating responses to:

  • Requests for Production

  • Request for Admission

  • Interrogatories

  • Notice of Disposition

  • Third-party Subpoenas

  • Form interrogatories

How does it work?

βœ… Briefpoint scans and extracts key information (Courtname, Case Number, Parties, Request Type, Set Number, etc.)

βœ… Using AI, Briefpoint adds objections and insert responses into Requests or Interrogatory Documents.

βœ… You can also add manual responses and edit responses in MS Word.

How does Briefpoint work with MyCase?

Briefpoint is a two-way way-sync with MyCase. Documents from MyCase sync to Briefpoint and sync back to MyCase, keeping all case details in one easy-to-find place.

Integrating Briefpoint with MyCase

To get started, visit Briefpoint:

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