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MyCase IQ Document Summaries
MyCase IQ Document Summaries

currently in beta

Written by Jodi Hinkle
Updated over a week ago


Summarizing documents with MyCase IQ saves you time by allowing you and your firm to preview the contents of any documents stored in MyCase without having to open the documents.

Simply click the MyCase IQ button next to any document to view a summary of that document created with generative AI.

How do I create a document summary using MyCase IQ in MyCase?

To create a document summary:

  1. Select the Cases tab.

  2. Select a Case.

  3. Go to the Documents tab.

  4. Select the AI button on a text document you want summarized.
    Note: The MyCase IQ button only shows on newly uploaded documents.

  5. MyCase displays the summary, saving you time searching for information in the document and making scanning the summary for specific details easier.

Note: The first time you use MyCase IQ, you will need to consent to using MyCase IQ. Clicking the Try It Out button dismisses this step until a new MyCase IQ feature is added.

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