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Integrating Case Status with MyCase
Integrating Case Status with MyCase
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What is Case Status

Case Status solves the number one complaint against attorneys: lack of communication. With Case Status, law firms can easily communicate the status of any case directly to a client and answer client questions through a user-friendly mobile app. Case Status’ cuts down on 80% of inbound calls and emails to your law firm and improves the client experience by letting clients track their cases and receive updates automatically via a mobile client portal.

Case Status also helps firms identify happy clients by deploying NPS surveys to clients as cases progress from one stage to the next. This real time feedback helps firms better prioritize client management, address at-risk clients, and grow through an increase in reviews and referrals.

How does Case Status Work?

Case Status provides an all-in-one information hub right on clients' phones, giving them ownership of their case. Clients can schedule appointments, automate reminders, and always have a place to go when they have questions.

Firms and staff save time working on administrative tasks for cases by automating client's tasks, document collection, communication, and more, freeing up time for more meaningful client work.

Potential outcomes of the Case Status + MyCase solution include:

  • Reduce inbound client calls by 80%

  • Accelerates speed of cases

  • Scales the firm's ability to take on more cases

  • Measures client satisfaction throughout the case

How do I integrate Case Status and receive support for my Practice?

The integration must be set up directly with Case Status by going to their website.

You can read more about how the integration works in the Case Status knowledge center.

If you need help, submit a request to their support team.

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