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MyCase's Mailchimp Contacts Sync allows you to import your MyCase contact and lead information (email, first/last name, and phone number) into a designated Mailchimp audience, reducing double data entry across your business systems.

To get started, navigate to the Integrations & Apps page in MyCase, and select "Set Up" on the Mailchimp Contacts Sync card:

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Once selected, you will be prompted to enter your Mailchimp username and password and asked to allow MyCase access to your account for syncing purposes.

Once authenticated, you will need to select the Mailchimp Audience to which you would like your MyCase contact information to be added. Please note that MyCase adheres to Mailchimp best practices and will only allow you to sync to a single audience. Once you have selected and saved the audience to which your contacts will sync, you will not be able to change the audience unless you uninstall and reinstall the integration. No previously synced data will be lost if you uninstall the integration.


You will also be asked whether or not you want to Auto Sync Contacts Information. If toggled on, MyCase will automatically import contact and lead information to Mailchimp when a new lead or client is created in MyCase OR when an existing lead/client's contact information is updated.
Note: MyCase will not retroactively auto-sync all of your existing MyCase contacts.

If you choose not to enable auto-syncing, you will be able to manually sync your lead/client's information to Mailchimp by selecting the Sync to Mailchimp button displayed on the left-hand side of your lead and client details pages.
Note: The sync is one way from MyCase to Mailchimp.

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