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Integrating MyCase with DecisionVault
Integrating MyCase with DecisionVault
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What is DecisionVault?

DecisionVault is an intake portal for estate planning practices. DecisionVault provides an intake portal to gather information from clients that can be synced to MyCase. The result is a better experience for clients and reduced administrative workload of having to manually re-enter data in more than one system.

How does DecisionVault work?

Clients sail through intake work by filling out estate planning questionnaires in DecisionVault's client portal. When the client submits their questionnaire, they can also submit required documents and other case assets.
All of this data (or just selected data) can be synced to matters in MyCase. The sync can either:

  • Automatically create a new matter in MyCase or

  • Search existing MyCase matters, using the DecisionVault contacts, to link the MyCase matter and the DecisionVault matter

How do I integrate DecisionVault with MyCase?

The integration must be set up directly with DecisionVault by going to their website.

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