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MyCase Gmail Add-in Installation & Usage Guide
MyCase Gmail Add-in Installation & Usage Guide
Written by Jodi Hinkle
Updated over a week ago

Centralize client communication with the MyCase Add-on for Gmail! The Add-on allows you to easily link emails and attachments to the appropriate case- all without leaving your inbox. Then, you and your firm members can access linked emails on a per-case basis within the case details page in MyCase.

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Set Up the MyCase Add-on for Gmail

First, install the add-on:

  1. Click the + button in the right side panel of your Gmail account

    **Tip: If your right side panel is hidden, use the arrow in the bottom right of the browser window to expand it.

  2. Search “MyCase” in the Google Workspace Marketplace

  3. Click Install

  4. Click Continue

  5. Follow the authorization steps to install the Add-on

Next, log into MyCase to start linking emails:

  1. Open any email in your inbox

  2. Click the MyCase logo in the right-side panel

  3. Click Connect to MyCase, and enter your MyCase login credentials in the pop-up window

  4. Click Authorize, then Allow to give MyCase access to your inbox

Link Emails to MyCase

Incoming Emails

  1. Open the email you’d like to link and click the MyCase icon in the right side panel.

  2. Type the case (open or closed) or lead name into the search bar, and choose the appropriate result.

  3. Optionally, type the contact name(s) into the second search bar, and select the appropriate result(s).

  4. After an email is linked to a case or lead, subsequent thread replies will automatically be linked to the same record.

Use the Unlink button next to the case name to edit or remove the case link.

To edit: Clear the existing case link and enter a new one.
To remove: Clear the existing case link.
*The case link will be updated in MyCase as well. Changes are applied to the complete email thread, not an individual email.
If you want to link an outgoing email, send the email first. Then, locate it in your Sent folder and add the link.

Save Email Attachments to MyCase

With the Gmail Add-on, you can conveniently save email attachments directly to MyCase. After linking an email to a case or lead, you can choose which attachments to save. These attachments will be stored in the Documents section of the associated case or lead.

If you’d like to edit the attachment details or save it to a specific case folder, click Edit in line with the document name. Here, you can enter a new name, date, or description, as well as choose which case folder to save it to. Click Save to save these changes.

*Gmail will preserve the original attachment name, but it will be updated in MyCase.

Add Time Entries from Gmail

Capture more billable time for emails by creating time entries directly from Gmail. Once an email has been linked to a case, select from your firm’s existing list of billable activities, and fill in the remaining fields. If you’ve saved a default description or default billing rate, they will populate automatically.

Always bill for emails with a standard duration? Set up a default from the Settings page in the MyCase menu. Each time you add a time entry from the Add-on, it will default to this duration.

View Emails in MyCase

Emails linked to MyCase from the Gmail Add-on are saved to

1. Linked Emails section

2. On the Communications tab. In the Case Details page.

3. They are displayed in descending chronological order.

Linked emails are viewable to any firm user with access to the corresponding case.

  1. Participants: Email participants, with the most recent sender listed first in bold text

  2. Subject: Email subject

  3. Email Body: Preview of the email body

  4. Date: Date and time of the most recent email in the thread

Click on an individual email thread to see the complete conversation.

  1. The most recent email is listed first.

  2. To collapse or expand emails in thread view, click on the header of each email (in line with the sender/recipients and date/time stamp).

  3. Use the pencil icon next to the case name to edit or remove the case link.

  4. To edit: Clear the existing case link and enter a new one.

  5. To remove: Clear the existing case link and click out of the text box. The case link will be updated in Gmail as well.

*If you remove the case link from an email in MyCase, you will need to re-link it from your Gmail inbox. Changes will be applied to the complete email thread, not an individual email.

Uninstall/Remove the Add-in

To uninstall the MyCase Add-on:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right of your Gmail account, then See All Settings

  2. Select Add-ons

  3. Click Manage

  4. Click the three dots on the add-on, then Uninstall

*Emails linked to MyCase from Gmail will remain in MyCase even after uninstalling the add-in.


*For issues/errors not specifically referenced in the FAQ below, try logging out and back into MyCase from within the Add-in to re-authenticate.

Q: I have been using MyCase Mailbox. What will happen to emails resolved via Mailbox when I use the Gmail Add-on?

A: Emails resolved via Mailbox will be stored in the Legacy Mailbox section of the Communications tab on the Case Details page.

Q: Can I link an individual email to a case rather than a complete thread?

A: You cannot link an individual email to a case without linking the rest of the thread.

Q: Can I link an outgoing email to a case before I send it?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to link outgoing emails until after they have already been sent.

Q: Will emails saved to MyCase be visible to clients?

A: A saved email can only be viewed by firm users with access to its corresponding case.

Q: If I link an email to MyCase and then delete it from my inbox, will it also be deleted from MyCase?

A: No. A linked email will remain in MyCase even after it is deleted from your Gmail inbox. This ensures that if an important email is accidentally deleted or an employee leaves the firm, you’ll retain important case-related communication. If you wish to delete the email from MyCase, simply clear the case link.

Q: I received a new reply to an email that was linked to MyCase. The reply appeared in my Gmail account but not in my MyCase account.

A: Open the individual thread in MyCase and click the Refresh Email Thread button. This will force the sync between Gmail and MyCase for this specific email.

*Replies should be showing up automatically. If you have to use this button regularly, please contact Customer Support.

Q: What happens to emails I have linked to MyCase from Gmail if I uninstall the add-in?

A: Even if you uninstall the add-in, your emails will still be stored in MyCase. You can modify the case links within MyCase, but you won't have access to add or edit them from your Gmail inbox. If you reinstall the add-in, the case links will become visible again.

Q: How do I submit feedback for this Add-in?

A: Submit feedback directly to MyCase’s product development team by clicking the Submit Feedback button on the Linked Emails page or the Give Feedback button in the MyCase menu in Gmail.

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