Integrating InfoTrack with MyCase
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What is InfoTrack?

InfoTrack integrates with MyCase to connect case and client data you already have with the courts. With InfoTrack, there's no need to log into separate portals or tools to manage your litigation tasks. You can do it faster and more accurately from one central location.

InfoTrack automates key court filing tasks such as eFiling and process serving and automates tracking these expenses in MyCase. With the InfoTrack integration, firms can file faster and more accurately using data and documents they already have in MyCase. Filing and serving orders in InfoTrack and any associated expenses are automatically synced to the case in MyCase.

How does InfoTrack work?

With InfoTrack, you can:

  • File and serve court documents in half the time

  • Improve case organization with returned document syncing

  • Save time on client invoicing with automatic expense tracking

InfoTrack's eFiling is available in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. Process serving is available in all 50 states.

How do I integrate InfoTrack and receive support for my practice?

To activate the integration, create a free InfoTrack account and specify MyCase as your firm's CMS (case management software).

Interested in giving InfoTrack a try? Learn More.

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