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What is Lawbrokr?

Lawbrokr saves firms time with embedded pre-screening workflows that qualify legal consumers for law firms. Firms can place their unique Lawbrokr link anywhere they’d like (website, social pages, listing and directories, etc.).

By better pre-screening leads, firms can get a sense of whether a prospective client is a good fit (or not) for their firm before scheduling a consultation.

Lawbrokr’s data insights show firms which leads are most likely to convert and which marketing efforts get the best results. When integrating with MyCase, firms are able to sync lead data between platforms, eliminating manual work and keeping all communication stored in one place.

Note: The integration is a one-way sync, leads from Lawbrokr are sent to MyCase

How does the Lawbrokr integration work?

Data collected through Lawbrokr’s lead workflows create new leads in MyCase. Lawbrokr conversations can be found in MyCase under Lead > Details.

Learn more about Lawbrokr here.

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