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Integrations & Apps Overview
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Answering Legal: Answering Legal is a 24/7 legal receptionist service that screens calls, gathers client information, and logs client details to MyCase, storing all case information in one easy-to-find place.

Calendar Integration: The Calendar Integration App allows 2-way synchronization of your MyCase calendar events with either Google or Outlook. This means that adding, editing, or deleting an event in Google/Outlook will update the event in MyCase. The same is true in the opposite direction - any changes to your calendar in MyCase will reflect in the integrated calendar.

CalendarRules: CalendarRules is a company that automatically calculates your deadlines using rule sets. All you need to input is your jurisdiction and trigger, and they handle the rest. They offer more than 1800 different rule sets nationwide. To learn more about CalendarRules, visit their website here.

Case Status: Case Status solves the number one complaint against attorneys: lack of communication. With Case Status, law firms can easily communicate the status of any case directly to a client and answer client questions through a user-friendly mobile app.

CallRail: CallRail is a marketing analytics platform for call tracking that helps lawyers measure, analyze and prove the ROI of call-based marketing campaigns. CallRail pinpoints the ads, keywords, and offers that sparked their best clients to call and convert and allows firms to track and analyze any lead source from bus wraps to online ads.

CourtDrive: CourtDrive provides a single cloud-based system for PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), state court records, eNotices, third-party integrations, calendaring and other filings workflow management needs. With CourtDrive, firms can automatically organize and deliver court data - PDFs, Notices and more. By integrating with MyCase, CourtDrive documents sync to cases in MyCase, keeping all case details and documents in one easy-to-find place.

DecisionVault: An intake portal for estate planning practices to gather client information that can then be synced to MyCase. The result is a better client experience and reduced administrative workload of manually re-entering data in multiple systems.

DropBox: Integrate Dropbox with MyCase for easy document organization, editing, offline access, and more.

Email Integration: With the MyCase email integration, you're given your own custom MyCase email address where you can forward or bcc your emails. Those emails are automatically pulled into MyCase where you can assign them to the appropriate contact and/or case for easy reference. Note: This is a Legacy Service, meaning MyCase will no longer provide updates for this service.

Esquiretek: Written discovery is the most time consuming part of litigation. Esquiretek brings AI to the discovery process, allowing automation technology to replace manual, time-consuming tasks. With Esquiretek, your firm can get faster responses from clients using their phones, utilize powerful AI features to convert documents to your file of choice, and easily track outstanding requests.

Hona: NEW integration with Milestones. Keep your clients in the know with automated client updates sent via text. Reduce client calls and emails while keeping all communication organized in MyCase. Read more here:

InfoTrack:InfoTrack integrates with MyCase to connect case and client data you already have with the courts. You can learn more about InfoTrack here.

Kenect: A premium texting experience that also generates leads, increases Google Reviews, automates client communications, and more. Everything works seamlessly with MyCase.

LawToolBox: The only rules-based calendaring solution your law firm needs to track all business-critical deadlines automatically. Track and adhere to court deadlines across multiple jurisdictions and statutory and administrative deadlines, and update calendars for all team members in a single click. LawToolBox integrates into the MyCase calendar and maintains up-to-date statutory deadlines across 50 states to eliminate potential errors and avoid malpractice.

LEX Reception: LEX Reception is a 24/7 legal receptionist service that screens callers, gather client information, and logs client details to MyCase. To learn more about LEX Reception.

Mailbox: No matter your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, Office365, Exchange, or Yahoo!), Mailbox lets you embed your email directly within MyCase, enabling you to send, manage, and save your email correspondence to the appropriate case or contact file. Your Mailbox will display all email threads as well as all folders/subfolders that exist in your native email inbox.

MailChimp Contacts Sync: MyCase's Mailchimp Contacts Sync allows you to import your MyCase contact information (email, first/last name, and phone number) into a designated Mailchimp audience, reducing double data entry across your business systems.

Outlook Add-in: Centralize client communication with the MyCase Add-In for Outlook! The add-in allows you to easily link emails to the appropriate case without leaving your Outlook inbox. You can also add a new time entry directly from the Add-in.

Quickbooks Online: Sync MyCase with your QuickBooks Online account to export data to your QuickBooks online Simple Start, Essentials, Plus or Advanced account. is a 24/7 virtual receptionist service that screens callers, gathers client information, and logs client details to MyCase. When your firm receives a call through, the call will automatically be logged in your firm's MyCase call log. To learn more about, visit their website here.

Zapier: Zapier is an online automation tool that allows users to connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks and/or eliminate duplicate data entry by sharing data across apps.


MyCase Desktop: MyCase File Sync lets you seamlessly edit documents using the software of your choice and sync changes to MyCase as a new document version - no download and re-upload required. Simply edit MyCase documents in your preferred software - like Microsoft Word, Adobe, or Microsoft Excel, and changes are automatically saved to MyCase whenever you click "Save." MyCase File Sync is a desktop app and must be installed on your computer before you can edit documents stored in MyCase. MyCase File Sync works on both Windows and Mac computers.

Date Calculator: Date Calculator allows you to simply calculate future dates from any MyCase page. You can set the calculator to account for calendar or business days, and the results will be displayed instantly.

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