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What is EsquireTek?

Written discovery is the most time consuming part of litigation. EsquireTek brings AI to the discovery process, allowing automation technology to replace manual, time-consuming tasks.

With EsquireTek, your firm can get faster responses from clients using their phones, utilize powerful AI features to convert documents to your file of choice, and easily track outstanding requests.

How does EsquireTek work?

Discovery requests are uploaded to EsquireTek and automatically converted from PDF to Word format using OCR technology. A web form is then created, which can be sent directly to clients via text messaging so they can respond quickly and easily from their phones.

Objections can also easily be inserted with one-click and client responses auto-populate in your document.

The integration allows you to quickly sync case details and documents seamlessly between the two platforms, saving time and keeping all of your case details in one place.

Click here to learn more about EsquireTek or to request a demo. Free trial.

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