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Integrating LawToolBox with MyCase
Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

What is LawToolBox?

LawToolBox is the only rules-based calendaring solution your law firm needs to track all business-critical deadlines automatically.

Track and adhere to court deadlines across multiple jurisdictions, statutory and administrative deadlines, and update calendars for all team members in a single click.

LawToolBox integrates into the MyCase calendar and maintains up-to-date statutory deadlines across 50 states to eliminate potential errors and avoid malpractice.

Note: The integration is a one-way sync: LawToolBox shares calendar dates with MyCase (and MyCase shares with Outlook).

LawToolBox Rulesets Published ​​​​​​​

How do I integrate LawToolBox with my MyCase account?

1. Go to the Calendar or Integrations & Apps page.

2. Select the Set Up Free Trial link on the LawToolBox tile.


3. Select the Sign Up For Trial button in the lower left-hand corner of the window.


4. Complete the setup instructions and select Finish Setup.


5. Once the free trial is set up, the Add Court Rule button appears in the MyCase calendar tab.


How does LawToolBox work with MyCase?

Step 1:

​​​​​​​1. Add a Court Rule by selecting Add Court Rule.


2. Add information for Rule Settings, including the case, state, province, jurisdiction or rule set, the trigger, and the trigger date.
3. Select Create Events Deadline in the lower-left hand corner when complete.


Step Two:
1. Select all of the events you want to add to your calendar.
2. See details of each calendar event by selecting the down arrow.
3. Complete this step by selecting Event Options in the lower-left.


Step Three:
1. Set up the Event Options.
2. Select members of your team to Share or Attend the event.
3. Choose event type by selecting the drop-down.

4. Send a reminder by selecting who you want the reminder to go to and how many days in advance you'd like them to see it.
5. Select Save Events.


Does MyCase notify about court rule changes?

  1. The event owner sees a banner on the Calendar page notifying them of a rule change and the affected case(s).

  2. Click Review Changes.

  3. Select the case to update.

  4. Select the checkbox for future deadline updates.

  5. Click the Update Selected Events button.


How do I edit the trigger date for a set of deadlines?

1. Click on an existing deadline in the Calendar.
2. Click Edit Related Court Rule
3. Select the new Trigger Date using the date picker

4. Click Recalculate Court Rule Events


How do I get help?

Contact the MyCase Customer Success Team by selecting Get Help ​​​​​​​in the bottom left-hand corner of your MyCase account.

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