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This article will cover how to integrate with so the virtual receptionist can log calls directly into MyCase.

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Who is is a 24/7 virtual receptionist service that screens callers, gathers client information, and logs client details to MyCase. To learn more about, visit their website here.

Creating a Account

If you don't have a account, you can sign up here. If you are signing up with for the first time, you can use the "MYCASE200" promo code to get $200 off the first month of's virtual receptionist. Use the promo code when you get your first invoice in the payment section.


NOTE: You only need 1 account for your entire firm.

Existing Customers

If you already have a account, send an email to with the "MYCASE15" promo code to get a discount of $15/month for the lifetime of the account.

Connecting to MyCase

To set up the integration in MyCase, your firm will need to have a account, and the person setting up the integration will need to be a MyCase admin user. You may reach out to if you would like to verify your admin user(s) or need direction on how to change your admin user(s).

Go to's setup page to connect to MyCase. During the setup, you will receive a link from the team at where you will be asked to submit your username and password for authentication followed by a dialog box, detailing the permissions you are granting in MyCase (see screenshot below). Please use a computer when you receive your link from

NOTE: Only 1 firm member needs to set up the integration to enable


Once you have authorized, the setup is complete! will now be able to log calls in MyCase. If you would like to verify that the integration was successful, you can navigate to the Integrations & Apps page in MyCase, which can be found by clicking the cogwheel next to your name on the top right of the navigation screen.


The tile should now say "Installed" on the bottom right. The next call your firm gets through will be logged within the MyCase Call Log.

AI4.png in MyCase

When takes a call, they will now be logged in the MyCase Call Log, which you can find via the Communications tab.


All new call logs will display "by Integration" in the Date/Time column and will be marked as "Unresolved" so that you don't miss any potential follow-up items.


The Type column will let you know if the call was incoming or outgoing. Any important details and notes pertaining to the call will be left in the Message column.



Once you are ready to take action on a call log, you can:

  • Mark it as "Resolved"

  • Add a time entry

  • Add a task

  • Edit the log to update it with additional information

  • Delete the log (not recommended)


NOTE: Archiving a user who originally integrated the account may break the integration. Please remove the integration first, have a different admin user reintegrate with MyCase, and then archive the user.

Convert a Caller to a Contact/Lead

Once a call log has been created by, you will see a person icon to the right of the caller name that allows you to add/link a contact or lead to the call log.


Clicking the person icon brings up the form below. You can create a new contact, a new lead, or attach the log to an existing person in MyCase. Choosing to create a contact or lead will bring up the standard "Add Contact" or "Add Lead" modal. Once you're finished, click "OK."


The call log will now show the caller name in a different color to show that it is linked, and the person icon is no longer visible. That is it! Now a call is attached to a contact or lead in MyCase!


Creating a Lead in MyCase's virtual receptionist can now create leads by using the "Contact Us" form. The form can be found by going to "Settings" and selecting "Intake Forms" on the left hand side of the page.


The Contact Us form is a prebuilt, customizable form available for every firm. It will be the very first form available on the intake forms page.



You can customize which fields appear on the form by clicking the pencil icon (see image above). Make sure to save your edits, and once the form fits your needs, copy the link to the form by clicking the 2 linked chain icon (i.e. the left icon in the image above) and send it to Using the form link, will automatically be able to create leads in MyCase for you.

For more information about how the Contact Us form works and creates leads, check out the Contact Us Form help page.

For more information or questions related to using the contact us form, please reach out to
NOTE: If you use the Contact Us form on your website, changing the fields for would also change the fields on your website Contact Us form.

Removing the Integration

If for any reason you no longer wish to use the integration, you can go back to the Integrations page, scroll until you see the tile, and click "Remove" on the bottom right of the tile.


You will get a popup to confirm that you want to remove the integration. When the integration is removed, will no longer be able to log new calls, but all existing logs will remain. Clicking "Remove Integration" will successfully uninstall the integration.


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