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Contact Us Form
Firms can allow potential clients to fill out their information from your website to be automatically collected and turned into a Lead.
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With the Contact Us form, firms can allow potential clients to fill out their information from your website to be automatically collected and turned into a Lead within your MyCase account. Stop manually entering every Lead’s information, and direct them to your website instead. Now more than ever is the perfect time to have a great looking website! For more information about MyCase’s website services, email


Table of Contents:

How it Works

To access your Contact Us from simply navigate to the Intake Forms section of your Settings (click on the user name in the upper right corner with a gear >> Settings >> Intake Forms). There is no need to create the Contact Us form, it will be listed at the top of your firm’s Intake Forms list. To edit the form, simply click on the name to bring up the Contact Us Form details. Adding fields is just like adding fields to any other Intake Form. To learn more about our Intake Forms feature, click here.

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Once your firm is ready to publish your form, you'll just need to embed the form using the HTML code that MyCase will provide you anywhere you would like it to appear in your website. You can also change the width and height of the form as well.

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Embedding the Contact Us Form on your Website

MyCase gives you the option to require authorized domains for the Contact Us Form using the checkbox. Selecting Required Authorized Domain means that the Contact Us Form will only work on the website domains provided in the Authorized Website Domains section. To embed the Contact Us form in your website first decide if you want to require authorized domains. If yes, check the box and enter your website URL. If no, uncheck the Require Authorized Domain.

Note: Be sure to enter the full, end path version of your home page URL (Ex. 1), and do not use a subpage URL (Ex. 2).

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Once your website URL has been added, simply click on the </> icon listed on the right hand side of your form. This will copy the designated HTML code that you can paste into your website in the location that you would like it to appear.

An example of this code is:

<iframe src=“” title=“Contact Us Form” style=“border:none;” width=“600" height=“800”><!-- Specify a width and height by changing the width/height properties of this iframe --></iframe>

Alternatively, you can choose the "link" icon next to </> to copy a link for your Contact Us form and share it with potential clients via email, text message, etc.

Approving Leads submitted by the Contact Us Form

After a potential client has completed the Contact Us form a Lead will automatically be generated and placed in the Online Leads subtab within Leads. The Online Leads subtab will list all potential clients that have submitted form from your website or provided link. As a firm user you can then approve or delete Leads in this section prior to being entered as an official Lead. Approving a Lead officially creates the lead details page, potential case, attaches the intake form, and puts the lead into the first column on the lead status board. Before the Lead is approved, you will not be able to access the details page and it will not show up in search.

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Customizing the Theme of your Contact Us Form

To customize your Contact Us Form and Intake Forms, scroll to the bottom of any form details page. There will be a Theme section as shown below. Select the font and colors you want and click save in the upper right corner of the form details page. To see the theme click the Preview Form button next to the save button. Make sure to click save before you preview the form.

Note: Setting a form theme will apply to ALL Intake forms and your Contact Us form.

Finding the Right Domains to Authorize

The first domain you need to authorize is your website domain. This domain should not include anything like /contact. For example if you wanted to add the Contact Us Form to the web page with URL, then this is the URL you put in the Authorized Domain Section.

After adding the first authorized domain you can check to see if the form loads. If the form does not load and you are using a website host like wordpress, wix, lawlytics, etc., you will need to add a second domain to the authorized list.

The second domain you need to add is the URL from your website manager like wix.

Here are step by step instructions how you can find the domains you need to authorize when using wix, these steps may be similar for other website hosts:

Add the iframe to your wix website

Go to the your website in your browser (google chrome is recommended)

Open up Dev Tools by right clicking anywhere on the page & click inspect

4. Make sure you are in the Elements tab, if not click it

5. Next click anywhere in the area underneath Elements

6. Type Command + F (for mac) Control + F (for PC) and you will see a search box appear at the bottom

7. Type <iframe in to the search box and search by pressing return when your cursor is in the text box

8. When the search finds something hover over the highlighted word (<iframe) with your mouse. If where the Contact Us Form should load highlights blue when you hover on the word (<iframe) then you have found the right place

9. Copy the url in this <iframe> </iframe> section

10. Remove anything in the URL that comes after the “.com”

11. Go to the MyCase Contact Us form edit page

12. Click Add Domain

13. Paste the edited URL from step 10 in the empty Authorized Domain section

14. Click Save in the upper right corner

You should now have 2 authorized domains:

1. With your firm website URL

2. The URL copied following the steps above

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