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Quickbooks: Writing Checks from Trust in MyCase
Quickbooks: Writing Checks from Trust in MyCase
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MyCase now has the ability to create checks in QuickBooks directly from your Trust account balance! This will allow you to easily create a withdraw from Trust in MyCase when paying directly out of your Trust Account, and simultaneously create a check for that withdraw in QuickBooks without creating an invoice.

To do this, simply navigate to the Contact Details and select Billing > Withdraw from Trust​

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In the Withdraw Trust Funds window, click Write QuickBooks Check

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From there you can input a Check # (if you are writing a physical check), and then begin typing to search on existing customers and vendors in QuickBooks.

This will then create a check in QuickBooks paid directly from Trust - which will allow you to easily adjust the Trust balance in MyCase, while simultaneously creating a check in QuickBooks for expenses paid directly from Trust (and therefore wouldn't be on a MyCase invoice).

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Please Note: This feature is only available to MyCase firms who are using our QuickBooks sync. Furthermore, you may not write a QuickBooks check for a company contact. For more information on setting up the sync, please click here.

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