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Clearbrief offers firms AI-assisted legal brief writing and review, as well as discovery analysis.

The integration with MyCase allows for easy document sharing and the creation of a proprietary Clearbrief intelligence engine, with which it:

  • Enables firms to use AI-powered discovery analysis to scan opposing counsel briefs for factual weaknesses, identify hearsay and other inadmissible evidence.

  • Identifies cited pages and docs, generating instant PDF Exhibits.

  • Automates cite-checking and adds fact citations to Word documents, saving hours of time and increasing accuracy.

  • Creates a perfectly formatted Table of Authorities with citation hyperlinks in just one click, eliminating the need for manual tagging of cases.

  • Builds case timelines with hyperlinks to data sources using Clearbrief-generated case timelines based on case documents (e.g. medical record dates).

How do I integrate Clearbrief with MyCase?

Documents from MyCase sync to a firm’s Clearbrief account to create the firm’s custom AI dataset.

To get started with your free 14-day trial, schedule a demo or get started by signing up here.

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