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Migrate to the New Outlook Plugin without a final sync from the Old Plugin
Migrate to the New Outlook Plugin without a final sync from the Old Plugin

This article is for customers who have not been able to sync with their existing MyCase plugin before syncing with the new Outlook Plugin.

Written by Sarah Schneider
Updated over a week ago


Transition your data from the Old Outlook Plugin to the new Outlook plugin.

This article is explicitly for customers who have not been able to sync with their existing MyCase plugin before syncing with the new Outlook Plugin. If you have been only adding this information in MyCase, or you are already syncing with the newer version of the Outlook Plugin, then these steps are not required.

The goal of this article is to ensure you retain 100% of your calendar and contact items that were created in Outlook in the period between your last MyCase sync and the new plugin installation. In preparation for moving from the old plugin to the new plugin without first syncing data, you’ll need to make sure you have a backup of all calendar events and contacts you’ve added since your last sync to MyCase.

Note: The version of outlook shown in this help article is Outlook 2013. Older versions will have a slightly different look and feel, but ultimately will have the same capabilities. Please contact a MyCase Representative if you need assistance with these steps.

Backup Your Calendar Information

After logging in to Outlook, navigate to the Calendar section.

Right-click on the calendar that is labeled "MyCase."

Select the “Copy Calendar” option from the list that appears.

On the next menu, you can select where you want the copy to live in your Outlook data folders. Choose a destination outside of the current MyCase syncing folder structure

Once you have saved a copy of the calendar to a folder outside of your MyCase sync, move on to backup your MyCase Contacts. Remember, this is only needed if you are adding new contacts to your Outlook. If you are adding new contacts through MyCase, you are not required to take the next step and can skip to copying your information over.

Backup your Contact Information

Next, navigate to the "Folders" section of your Outlook account. This can be accessed through an ellipsis next to People, Calendar, and Tasks.

Find the section specifically under your MyCase Sync folders that is titled "Contacts".

Right click on this section just like you did for calendar, and click "Copy Folder." Choose a section of your MyCase account that is not synced to the plugin.

After taking the above steps for both the calendar and contacts, you should have all of your current data backed up. The next step is to install the new plugin.

How to install the new MyCase Sync for Outlook Plugin

Once you have logged into the new plugin, your data from MyCase will begin to sync over to outlook. After the sync is complete, you can begin to compare your data to ensure that you have all the calendar and contacts added between your last Outlook sync and today added to MyCase.

Comparing your Calendar

After resyncing data to MyCase, you can pull up the newly synced MyCase calendar, and your backup MyCase calendar side by side ( in the following example, orange represents your backed up calendar, while green represents your newly synced MyCase Calendar)

Drag events from the backup calendar to the new MyCase synced calendar to save them to MyCase. Once your new MyCase plugin begins synchronizing, check in MyCase to ensure those events have synced over.

Comparing your Contacts

Find the backed up contacts folder from the "Folders" section of your Outlook, and select the backed up Contacts from the old plugin.

Next, click the "View Settings" option under the View tab within Outlook.

Navigate to the Advanced View Settings: List, and choose the Columns selection.

Once selected, Find the "Created" and "Modified" column headers under the Available Columns section. Make sure you have the "All Contact Fields" option selected under the first dropdown menu. Then select Okay and navigate back to the list of your backed up contacts.

Finally, compare your list of added or modified contacts between July 19th and today. Select these contacts and drag them into the newly created MyCase Contacts folder (created by the new MyCase Sync for Outlook plugin) within your folder structure.

After syncing to MyCase, ensure these new contacts show up in your MyCase account.

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