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MyCase IQ revolutionizes your law firm's operations with artificial intelligence. Save time with our new Text Editing feature, which enables you and your firm to summarize and organize unstructured text, improve writing (reviewing spelling and grammar), and even adjust the overall tone using generative AI within MyCase.

You can use Text Editing whenever you're drafting Notes, Messages, Text Messages, and Task Descriptions.

NOTE: The guidance below illustrates using Text Editing in Notes; Text Editing works the same way in Messages, Text Messages and Task Descriptions.

How does Text Editing Work with MyCase IQ?

To use the text editing features:

  1. Select the Notes icon from the MyCase dashboard.

  2. Select a Case or Contact with which the Note will be associated.

  3. Add a Subject.

  4. Type a Text Note in the Note field.

  5. Select the AI icon.

  6. Select how you would like to modify the Note:

    1. Summarize

    2. Improve Writing

    3. Change Tone: Formal, Assertive, Persuasive, Empathetic, Advisory, Confident, Neutral

  7. If you’re happy with the results, click Insert to add the new text to your Note. Then select Save to send the document to a Contact or Case.

  8. If you want a different result, select Discard and start again.

  9. Select the Cases tab and select the Notes tab to see the NOTE created using MyCase IQ.

  10. Go to the Cases Tab and Select the Notes tab to see the NOTE created using MyCase IQ.

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