Proof streamlines service of process operations directly in MyCase

Written by Jodi Hinkle
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What is Proof?

Proof is online process serving, available in all 50 states. Our integration streamlines service of process operations directly in MyCase, from serve to affidavit.

  • Direct communication with your process server in MyCase.

  • Real-time email updates on serve status.

  • Fastest serve start and completion times.

  • Proven, superior serve-success rates in every state.

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

NOTE: The integration is a two-way sync, data can be shared across both platforms.

How does Proof work?

Firms receive live updates as process attempts occur, see mapped verification and can talk directly to their process server through live chat. Proof has an extensive network of process servers that serve docs nationwide in as fast as 24 hours (depending on the geolocation).

The Proof tab is enabled at the Case level in MyCase to launch the Proof dashboard.

Note: This button will only display on MyCase Pro and above.

Users can start a new service request or view the number of attempts, the date the request originated, the server, the speed of service requested owner, and any alerts on submitted jobs.

  • Documents can be pulled from MyCase or uploaded from a local computer.

  • Firms can pay for service via firm credit card, customer credit card or get invoiced with net 30-day terms.

  • Once a service order is placed, firms can click into the Servee name to view the specifics of the order OR access chat functionality with the process server and/or Proof.

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