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Syncing deposits into Credit to QuickBooks
Syncing deposits into Credit to QuickBooks

MyCase now gives you the ability to sync General (non-trust) Retainer Deposits.

Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

MyCase now gives you the ability to sync General (non-trust) Retainer Deposits, which allow you to easily input a deposit in MyCase and sync it to QuickBooks.

Before getting started….

If you have never used non-trust retainers in MyCase, then you will first need to enable them. To do this, click on your name in the upper-right and go to Settings > Client Billing & Invoice Settings > Billing & Invoice Preferences > Non-Trust Retainers and Credit Accounts.

Syncing Credit Deposits to QuickBooks

To enter a deposit into Trust for a client, search on the client’s name in the upper-right to access the client’s Contact Details, then navigate to Billing > Credit History and click the Deposit into Credit button:

User-added image
User-added image

Input the Payment Method, Date, and Amount of the payment, and then simply click the checkbox to sync the deposit into QuickBooks. Upon clicking Deposit Funds, the deposit will be synced to QuickBooks:

User-added image

Upon syncing to QuickBooks, the deposit will appear as a Sales Receipt into the Operating account, with a related transaction into the proper Liability account for a non-trust retainer:

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 7.53.04 PM.png

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