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Retroactive billable time capture

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Time Miner is available in the Pro and Advanced Tiers.

Time Miner is a retroactive time-tracking and billing automation tool created by attorneys to help legal professionals capture more of their billable time.

Time Miner streamlines the process of capturing billable mobile time by analyzing smartphone call and text history, making it easier for lawyers to track all time spent on a case and bill for their time accurately.

Firms are also able to customize their base billing rates for each communication type, such as 0.1 billable hours per email or text message, to automate calculation of billable time.

How the Integration with MyCase Works

  • Time Miner automatically analyzes call records and text histories, identifying billable interactions without manual input.

  • Billable time details are synched to MyCase, including call duration, contact details, and timestamps, with just a few clicks.

  • Time entries can be added to client invoices (or just tracked for time management purposes)

The integration is a two-way sync with data being shared between both platforms.

How do I integrate Time Miner with MyCase?

To integrate Time Miner with My Case:

  1. Go to your Time Miner account

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Connected Services

  4. Connect or login to MyCase

To get started with the integration, start a 60-day free trial with Time Miner here.

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