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This article will detail the recent updates and improvements we have been making in the software.

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Be sure to reference the Get Help button in your account for the latest updates on what we're releasing!

MyCase IQ: Text Editing AI

(May 2024)

MyCase IQ is MyCase's version of generative artificial intelligence, to help you and your team work smarter and more efficiently.

With our AI-powered Text Editing feature, you can summarize and organize unstructured text; use advanced grammar, spelling, and style checkers; rephrase word choices to improve clarity and and engagement; and even adjust the overall tone of your writing.

Use Text Editing when writing Notes, Text Messages, Messages, and Task Descriptions.

Learn how to get started

Multi-Invoice Payments

(May 2024)

Simplify collecting multiple invoices with outstanding balances with Multi-Invoice Payments. After an invoice is shared with your client, they will have the option to select additional invoices with outstanding balances and make a single payment. Learn more.

Online Payments for Puerto Rico

(April 2024)

LawPay is proud to now serve Puerto Rico legal professionals as the leading provider of online payments. Firms can now accept credit, debit and eCheck payments online, while ensuring compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines. Read more.

Legalyze.ai Integration

(April 2024)

Legalyze.ai empowers firms to save time using AI to quickly analyze case documents and gain insights into case details. Easily generate summaries, timelines, and procedural documents using AI and sync to your cases in MyCase, keeping everything in one, easy to find place. Free one month trial, exclusively for MyCase users. Learn more.

Bulk Email Invoices

(March 2024)

Save time by sharing multiple invoices with associated contacts at one time via email or client portal. Simply select which invoices need to be notified, and send to all associated contacts or only the billing contacts via email or the client portal. Learn more.

VXT Integration

(February 2024)

VXT, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system designed for law firms, provides a hassle-free solution to ensure streamlined communication regardless of location or device. With the integration, you can record and transcribe conversations, take notes, automatically capture billable time, and more—all powered by the simplicity of an internet connection—and sync it all to MyCase. Read more..

Time Miner Integration

(January 2024)

With Time Mine, firms can streamline the capture of mobile billable time by scanning smartphone bills, with calls and text histories and matching to MyCase contacts. Time entries then sync to MyCase for case time tracking and expense billing to protect profit margins. Learn more.

MyCase IQ: Text Editing AI (Beta release)

(February 2024)

In beta now, we will be rolling out exciting new AI features that help you and your team work faster and smarter, starting May 6th. Save time by using AI to summarize unstructured text, change tone of voice, or improve the writing (spelling and grammar) whenever you're drafting Messages, Text Messages, Task Descriptions, or Notes. Learn more.

Online Lead Forms

(January 2024)

Save time by capturing the specific information you need to properly qualify leads with our new online lead forms.

Use online Lead forms to create multiple forms to use for different practice types or to track results from different marketing channels. Easily embed them on your website or use them as links in your marketing. You’ll get detailed lead reporting and insights too. Learn More


(January 2024)

Clearbrief offers firms AI-assisted legal brief writing and review, as well as discovery analysis. The integration with MyCase allows for easy document sharing and the creation of a proprietary Clearbrief intelligence engine, with which it:

  • Enables firms to use AI-powered discovery analysis to scan opposing counsel briefs for factual weaknesses, identify hearsay and other inadmissible evidence.

  • Identifies cited pages and docs, generating instant PDF Exhibits.

  • Automates cite-checking and adds fact citations to Word documents, saving hours of time and increasing accuracy.

  • Creates a perfectly formatted Table of Authorities with citation hyperlinks in just one click, eliminating the need for manual tagging of cases.

  • Builds case timelines with hyperlinks to data sources using Clearbrief-generated case timelines based on case documents (e.g. medical record dates).

Learn more here.

Web Timer Limit Increase from Five to Ten timers

(January 2024)

Firms can now track up to ten timers in MyCase to record more billable hours.

Reconcile LawPay Transactions

Q1 2024

MyCase's reconciliation feature allows you to reconcile payments made via the payment pages, card vault, scheduled payments to invoices or trust requests and accounts so that you can collect payments without manual entry and have your bookkeeping up to date.​ Learn more here.

Sync Emails to MyCase with our new Add-on for Gmail​

Q4 2023

Sync emails to MyCase without leaving your inbox with our Add-on. Automatically store all case-specific emails and attachments with cases, and make sure you're tracking all time spent on emails with our Smart Time Finder.

Learn more here.

New Payments Tab

Q4 2023

MyCase Payments simplifies your case fee collections, reduces costs, and saves time. With a range of online payment options available for your clients, they can easily pay their bills without visiting your office. You can view Payments in MyCase by navigating to the Payments Tab. For more information, click here.

Advanced Document Automation

Q4 2023

Advanced Document Automation brings your firm's drafting process to the next level! Build templates in Microsoft Word, eliminate embarrassing errors, and reduce the risk of inaccurate document drafting.​ Learn more here.

Recharging saved cards from LawPay in MyCase

Q3 2023

Clients’ saved card information syncs from LawPay into MyCase so you can recharge the card for on-the-fly processing. Recharge relieves the headache of contacting clients to re-collect their payment information. Learn more here.


Q3 2023

CallRail is a marketing analytics platform for call tracking that helps lawyers measure, analyze and prove the ROI of call-based marketing campaigns. CallRail pinpoints the ads, keywords, and offers that sparked their best clients to call and convert and allows firms to track and analyze any lead source from bus wraps to online ads. Learn more here.


Q3 2023

CourtDrive provides a single cloud-based system for PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), state court records, eNotices, third-party integrations, calendaring and other filings workflow management needs. With CourtDrive, firms can automatically organize and deliver court data - PDFs, Notices and more. By integrating with MyCase, CourtDrive documents sync to cases in MyCase, keeping all case details and documents in one easy-to-find place. Learn more here.

Firmwide Two-Factor Authentication

Q3 2023

Enhance the security of your account with the latest Firmwide Two-Factor Authentication! This new feature requires all users to confirm their identity when logging in, guaranteeing that their data remains accessible only to authorized individuals. This feature is available to Pro and Advanced tiers only. Click here to learn more.


Q3 2023

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows users to connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks and/or eliminate duplicate data entry by sharing data across the apps. Learn more here.


Q2 2023

Lawbrokr saves firms time with embedded pre-screening workflows that qualify legal consumers for law firms. Firms can place their unique Lawbrokr link anywhere they’d like (website, social pages, listing and directories, etc.). Learn more here.


Q2 2023

Keep your clients in the know with automated client updates sent via text. Reduce client calls and emails while keeping all communication organized in MyCase. Read more here: https://www.hona.com/


Q2 2023

Written discovery is the most time consuming part of litigation. Esquiretek brings AI to the discovery process, allowing automation technology to replace manual, time-consuming tasks. With Esquiretek, your firm can get faster responses from clients using their phones, utilize powerful AI features to convert documents to your file of choice, and easily track outstanding requests. Learn more here.

Outlook Add-In

Q2 2023

Centralize client communication with the MyCase Add-In for Outlook! The add-in allows you to easily link emails to the appropriate case without leaving your Outlook inbox. You can also add a new time entry directly from the Add-in. Learn more here.


Q2 2023

Legalboards is a visual matter management system that allows lawyers and law teams to reduce the time spent on non-billable tasks by streamlining their workflow with automation, Kanban boards, and integrations. Learn more here.


Q2 2023

Proof is online process serving, available in all 50 states. Our integration streamlines service of process operations directly in MyCase, from serve to affidavit. Learn more here.

Case Balance Summary Report

Q1 2023

The Case Balance Summary Report allows users to see all of your client's receivables, drafts, and work-in-progress totals in one place, including their running trust balance!

You can learn more about Case Balance Summary Reports here.


Q1 2023

InfoTrack integrates with MyCase to connect case and client data you already have with the courts. You can learn more about InfoTrack here.

Hard Costs vs. Soft Costs for MyCase Accounting Users Only

Q1 2023

Firms can add Hard and Soft Costs to track their expenses.

Text Messaging Images

Allow your clients to share images quickly and conveniently via text, eliminating the need for them to be emailed or uploaded to the Client Portal.

Updating MyCase Desktop

To ensure users get critical bug fixes to MyCase Desktop, effective 12/15/22, the following will occur:

  • MyCase Desktop will stop working for users on version 2.1.4. and below

  • Users on versions below 2.1.4 will be informed via a Pendo message on the MyCase home dashboard and will see the following message.

MyCase Desktop users will receive an in-product notification that their version is outdated. This notification will include a button to update the MyCase Desktop. However, a user must be on version 2.1.6 or greater to receive this notification capability.

LawToolBox Integration

LawToolBox is the only rules-based calendaring solution your law firm needs to track all business-critical deadlines automatically. Track and adhere to court deadlines across multiple jurisdictions and statutory and administrative deadlines, and update calendars for all team members in a single click. LawToolBox integrates into the MyCase calendar and maintains up-to-date statutory deadlines across 50 states to eliminate potential errors and avoid malpractice.

DecisionVault Integration

DecisionVault is an intake portal for estate planning practices to gather client information that can then be synced to MyCase. The result is a better client experience and reduced administrative workload of manually re-entering data in multiple systems.

Case Status

Case Status is automation for client management via mobile. By automating push notifications (via their mobile app) and text messages, law firms help their clients feel more connected and informed, increasing client satisfaction while automating daily administrative law firm tasks. Learn more about Case Status here.

Full Text Search

MyCase Full Text Search allows users to find documents based on a content match by searching through the text of your documents, making it easy to find the documents you are looking for quickly. Learn more about Full Text Search here.


Intaker helps law firms create a winning online experience for new clients by delivering empathy-centered chat automation.


MyCase Accounting is a fully integrated, cloud-based law firm accounting software
that centralizes a firm's financial data, eliminating redundant data entry across
multiple systems. This end-to-end accounting solution helps law firms keep their
finances on track, so they can focus on moving their business forward.

MyCase Drive

MyCase Drive enables fast and secure file management that seamlessly integrates
a firm's desktop with MyCase. Drive allows firms to continue creating and editing documents from file explorer and automatically sync the latest version to MyCase.

Ruby Reception

Ruby Reception is a 24/7 legal receptionist service that screens callers, gathers client information, and logs client details to MyCase. To learn more about Ruby Reception, visit their website here.


Your clients want to text you. Let them. In addition to a premium texting experience, Kenect also generates leads, increases Google Reviews, automates client communications, and more. Everything works seamlessly with MyCase.

Saved Reports

You can now save your customized Case List and Contact Reports for quick access later. Navigate to either report page and click 'Save to My Reports' to name and save your report. View and manage your saved reports under Reports | My Reports tab. Learn more here.

Payments on Mobile

You can now record credit card payments on the MyCase mobile app. Simply select "+" and Quick Pay to record a payment. Payments recorded via the mobile app can be reconciled to a user's trust account under the Billing | Reconciliation tab within MyCase. Learn more here .

Out of Office Messaging

You can now send Out of Office messages via the Communications > Messages tab. With OOO messages, you can set up custom automated responses to your clients when you intend to notify them that you are out of the office. Learn more here.

Universal Payment Link

MyCase now supports a universal payment link. This is a generic payment link that can be placed on your firm's website, in your email signature, or wherever you deem appropriate. Any client can submit payments via this link, enabling your firm to passively accept payments with ease. Learn more here.

Call Log Improvements

We have released a new set of improvements for the main Call Log.

  • We now save your applied filters indefinitely (until you change or reset them)

  • You can change the default call status from 'Resolved' to 'Unresolved' in firm settings

  • The 'Message' field of the call is now displayed in the case timeline alongside other case communication/notes

Auto-Apply Interest

You can now automatically apply interest to overdue invoices in MyCase. Learn more about configuring this setting here.

Mailchimp Contacts Sync

MyCase's Mailchimp Contacts Sync allows you to import your MyCase contact information into a designated audience, reducing double data entry across your business systems. Learn more here.

Batch Billing Improvements

We have streamlined batch billing so you can create a larger number of invoices in fewer batches. Additionally, we have added full support for multiple bank accounts and introduced "profiles." Profiles are saved configurations of batch billing which can be selected for future use. Learn more here .

Retainer Requests for Leads

Request retainer funds from potential new clients to ensure you receive payment before beginning case work. Get started by going to any Lead's details screen and click the "Billing" tab. Learn more here.

Track Trust Balances by Case

MyCase now supports tracking trust balances per case, in addition to per client. This is particularly helpful if a single client has multiple cases, each with its own minimum trust balance. Learn more here.

Automatic Case Numbering

With automatic case numbering enabled, your firm can set up a specific numbering scheme and have your case numbers automatically increment as you create new cases. To set this up, simply enable and create your scheme in your Firm Settings. Learn more here.

Subscription Billing

MyCase now allows you to set up subscription based billing for your clients. Learn more here.

Update User Permissions to Delete MyCase Messages

MyCase users can now delete messages they have sent to clients or fellow colleagues. To activate, simply update your settings within Firm User Permissions. Learn more here.

Contact Roles

Make conflict checking a breeze! Contact roles allow you to quickly understand how a contact is related to a case without searching through case descriptions, custom fields, or notes. You can assign a contact a role by going to Case Details > Contacts & Staff tab. Customize your firm roles by going to Contacts > Roles. Learn more here.

More Timers!

Tracking your time just got easier. Now you can create 5 timers to help you meet your billing goals.

Respond Faster to Text Messages

Now you can respond to text messages even faster with desktop notifications and a filter for unread messages.

See text messages immediately even when you are not in MyCase with desktop notifications. Go to Settings > My Notifications > Individual Notifications to opt-in. When you click to enable a desktop notification for the first time, your browser will prompt you to allow notifications. If you previously blocked notifications from your browser, you will need to enable them in your browser settings before MyCase can send them.

Stop searching through text messages to find unread messages. Enable the “Show only unread messages” toggle in your Text Message Inbox in the Communications tab.

Conflict Checking

Be confident that conflict checks have been completed for all leads and cases. Now you have a standard place to view and record that you have completed a conflict check. When adding a new lead or case simply toggle the conflict check complete. Add any notes to the “Conflict Check Notes” section. Edit cases or leads at any time to mark a conflict check complete as needed.

More Status Fields in Case List Report

Now you can more easily keep up on the status of all your cases using the Case List Report. Include the Last Status Update, Next Event and Next Task columns in a report customized with other columns and filters of important information, like custom fields.

Create a new Saved Report for easy access and print it out for your next Status Update Meeting. Learn more about the customizable Case List Report

Word Templates for Leads

Now you can automatically generate a lead document, like a Retainer Agreement, using Word Templates in MyCase. Insert merge fields from a lead or potential case in the same way you already can for contacts and cases. Go to the Templates section in the Documents tab to create a Word Template for a Lead. Learn more about document automation

Improved MyCase E-Signature

We’ve improved E-Signature so you can use it for even more case and intake documents. Now you can use MyCase E-Signature for documents that need:

  • Multiple signers

  • Countersigners

  • Text Fields

  • Swipe to Sign (with finger or mouse)

You can also monitor the status of all your signature requests on the new E-Signature Dashboard in the Documents tab. Upload a PDF to any case or lead and click the pen icon to get started. Learn more about MyCase E-Signature

Automatically Add Leads to MyCase From Your Firm Website

Tired of manually typing in leads you get from your firm website? Start using the new Contact Us Form on your website and you won't have to! By placing the MyCase Contact Us Form on your website, potential client information will flow directly into MyCase for your review and approval. If the potential client looks like a good fit, simply approve the lead and start your normal potential client process. Try it out by navigating to the Settings Page and clicking Intake Forms. Don't forget to let us know what you think. Learn more about the Contact Us Form

Clean up your Text Message Inbox

Now you can remove conversations that are cluttering your inbox using the icons on the top right of the page in the Communications tab. Archive a conversation to remove it from everyone's inbox, including yours. Do this when no further communication will take place (e.g. closed cases).
Leave a conversation to remove it from your Inbox while allowing it to remain for other firm members. Do this when you are not interested in an on-going conversation.

Manage Text Message Notifications

Ensure that you see notifications for text messages that you need to act on quickly. Now you can:

  • Receive email notifications for text messages from clients, other firm members or both. Visit the "My Notifications" section of Settings to opt-in.

  • Mute or enable notifications for a conversation. Click the Bell Icon within any text conversation to change its notification status. Participating in a conversation will automatically enable notifications for you.

By default, you will see a teal bubble on the Communications tab for a new text message in a conversation for which you have notifications enabled. Learn more about 2-Way Text Messaging.

Automatic Timer when Composing Emails

Accurately track how much time you spend writing emails. Now, a timer is automatically started when you compose a new or response email via Mailbox. Pause and re-start the timer as needed. Time time spent on the email will pre-populate the duration of a Time Entry created when using the "Send & Add Time Entry" button or from the same email activity found in Smart Time Finder.

New Calendar Sync With Recurring & SOL Events

Now recurring and SOL events will sync between your MyCase and Outlook/Google Calendars. If you haven't already set up the new calendar sync go to the Integrations & Apps page and click 'Sync with MyCase' on the Calendar Integration card.

Save email attachments as case documents

You can now save email attachments directly to MyCase as case documents using out Mailbox integration. Learn more.

Statute of Limitations in Case List Report

Now you can apply more filters and view more columns, like Practice Area, Lead Attorney, and custom fields when reviewing important SOL information. Add Statute of Limitations Date and SOL Satisfied to the Customizable Case List Report. Make it a "Saved Report" for easy and frequent access.

Overdue Balance Notification on Case Details

Now you can immediately see if a case has an overdue balance when viewing the Case Details page. A red banner will be visible on any case with an overdue balance so that you can take appropriate action, like request payment or adjust how you with the case, without having to look for its status in the Time & Billing tab.

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