Outstanding Balance Summary

Automatically include a client’s outstanding balances on new invoices, even across cases. No balance forwarding required!

Written by Jodi Hinkle
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With Outstanding Balance Summary, clients can see their overall account balance immediately. Once enabled, unpaid invoices in Sent status for the selected billing contact are added to the bottom of each new invoice by default.

Please note that the Outstanding Balance Summary is not included on invoices viewed in the Client Portal at this time. It is included on emailed and exported invoices.

How to Enable Outstanding Balance Summaries

To enable the Outstanding Balance Summary, you must be an Admin User.

  1. Navigate to Settings and choose All Settings

  2. Select Client Billing & Invoicing Settings from the menu on the left

  3. Enable the summary by clicking Edit Preferences

  4. Save Preferences


Which invoices are included in Outstanding Balance Summaries?

Invoices belonging to the selected billing contact with an outstanding balance and in Sent status will be included. Draft and Unsent invoices will not be included.

Do I still need to use Balance Forwarding?

No. The Outstanding Balance Summary now does the work for you.

Can I manually select which invoices to include in the Outstanding Balance Summary?

No. At this time, all sent and unpaid invoices for this billing contact will be included by default.

Can I remove the Outstanding Balance Summary from an invoice?

Once enabled, it will be included on all new invoices by default. You will need to disable it from within Settings to exclude it from new invoices.

Can my clients pay all of their invoices at once?

Yes. Clients paying electronically can pay all outstanding invoices with a single payment. Learn more here.

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