Paying Multiple Invoices

Clients can easily settle their total account balance by paying all invoices, even across cases, with a single payment.

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Note: This feature is currently in beta testing and is not widely available just yet. We are excited to release this for all users soon, though!


When an invoice is shared and online payments are enabled, clients can access invoice details as well as pay the balance due. Now, the payment page includes all of a client’s outstanding invoices, even across cases. So, they can make a single payment to settle their total account balance, simplifying the payment process for both you and your clients!

How do I make sure all of my client’s invoices are accessible?

The key to making invoices accessible is sharing them via email or the Client Portal. Click here to learn more about sharing invoices through MyCase. The payment page will include all shared invoices that have an outstanding balance.

If you’d like to give clients–or a secondary billing contact like a spouse or parent–the ability to pay only one invoice, you can share an invoice-specific payment link. Open the invoice > find the cell phone icon (next to the Share button) at the top of the page to text the link OR copy and send the secure payment link on the invoice itself. *Invoices shared this way will be excluded from the payment page unless they are also shared via email or the Client Portal.

What will my client see?

Clients will see all invoices that:

  • Have been shared with them directly (via email or the Client Portal)

  • Have an outstanding balance

The payment page will look something like this:

*Invoices will be excluded if their payment link has been shared via text, or copied and sent from the invoice details page. To access this functionality, you must share invoices via email or the Client Portal.

If they are logged into the Client Portal, clients can access the details of each invoice by clicking on the invoice number. They will select which invoices to pay, and the dollar amount per invoice. Then, they will receive a confirmation email notifying them that their payment was successful.

Please note that clients will see one transaction per invoice on their bank statement; in other words, if a client pays 3 invoices, their bank statement will reflect 3 transactions. This information will be included on the payment success page, and in the confirmation email.


Can clients access the details of each invoice?

Yes, but only if they are logged into the Client Portal.

How are payments covering multiple invoices handled in MyCase?

They are handled just like individual invoice payments- each invoice is updated to reflect the amount paid. You can print individual payment receipts, issue refunds, etc.

Can I apply an offline payment to multiple invoices?

Not at this time. At the moment, paying multiple invoices is only available to clients paying electronically.

Can I refund a payment covering multiple invoices?

Yes, but only on a per-invoice basis as it works today. In other words, if a client pays $300 towards 3 invoices, you will need to refund each of the 3 invoices in order to refund the complete payment.

What if an invoice has a payment plan?

At this time, the payment page will display only the total balance due, not the installment amount. The MyCase team is actively working on support for payment plans.

Why can’t my client pay by eCheck?

Paying multiple invoices by eCheck is not yet supported. Clients will need to pay invoices individually in order to pay by eCheck. The MyCase team is actively working on support for eCheck payments.

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