Sharing Invoices

When you're creating an invoice, you can easily share it with clients and contacts.

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When you're creating an invoice, you can easily share it with clients and contacts. You can either email it to them directly, or share it through their secure client portal. Gone are the days of printing and mailing invoices - save time and money!


Sharing a New Invoice through the Client Portal

At the very bottom of the invoice creator, there is a section called Share This Invoice (pictured below). If you would like to share this invoice with someone, simply check the box next to their name. This way of sharing gives you great flexibility to share and hide the invoice from certain people. In the example below, the invoice will be shared with Greg, but not Eric.

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Sharing an Existing Invoice through the Client Portal

You can always edit the sharing settings for an invoice after it has been created. Firm users have two different options to share their invoices after they have been created: through batch invoice actions and on the invoice details page.

To share invoices from the Invoices tab within Billing select the check boxes next to the invoices that you would like share (or use the select all a the top) and then click on the 'Actions' button. Here you have the option to then share all selected invoices with just the case's Billing Contact or All Case Contacts.

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To share an individual invoice, open the Invoice Details page for the invoice you'd like to edit. Click the Share via Portal button.

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You will be taken to a list of all the contacts that are linked to the case. If the invoice is shared with someone, you will see a green checkmark next to their name (pictured below).

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Using the checkboxes that appear next to each person's name, choose who the invoice should be shared with. When done, click Save Changes.

Please Note: If you just shared the invoice with someone, they will receive an email from MyCase letting them know that a new invoice has been shared with them.

Sharing an Invoice through email

Open the Invoice Details page for the invoice you'd like to edit. Click the Email Invoice button.

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Simply select the checkbox next to who you want to email the invoice to. Then select send.

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Your client will receive an email directly from MyCase with a PDF copy of the invoice. If you have enabled online payments, your client can pay their invoice electronically.

To share multiple invoices via email at one time, open the Invoices page and select the invoices you’d like to share. Click Actions in the upper right, and choose from the “Share via Email” options.

You can send invoices to the case’s billing contact, or all contacts linked to the case.

What Happens When an Invoice is Shared?

When you share an invoice with a client or contact, MyCase will automatically send them an email notification that a new invoice has been uploaded and shared with them. If updates and changes are made to the invoice, they will also receive email notifications that changes have been made. This is great because you don't have to worry about notifying people anymore, MyCase will do it for you!

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