The articles in this section will help you with all things billing in MyCase. This will include invoicing, entering billable entries, managing your financial data, and more!

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How do I edit an existing invoice? [w/ Video]
Can I create time/expense entries for other firm users?
Improved Invoice Details Layout
Batch Export Invoices
Why can't a new firm user add expense entries?
Marking Invoices as Sent
How to view earned income
Quick Invoicing Without a Case
Creating Time Entries with Two Digits After Decimal (example .15)
Create Draft Invoices with Batch Billing
Financial Insights
Default Terms and Conditions
How do I apply tax to an invoice?
Printing and exporting a PDF invoice from MyCase
Text Message Reminders for Invoice Payment
Default Invoice Payment Terms
How do I add interest to an invoice?
How do I EDIT or DELETE a time or expense entry?
Sharing Invoices
MyCase's Multiple Timers
Automated Invoice Reminders
How do I delete an invoice?
How do I discount an invoice?
Sending Invoices Directly Without the Client Portal [w/ VIDEO)
Invoice Reminders
How do I delete a payment made on an invoice?
What do the different 'Invoice Statuses' mean?
Batch Billing [w/ VIDEO]
How do I refund a payment made on an invoice?
How do I create a new expense entry?
Smart Time Finder
Automatic Payments
Can I bring previous invoice balances forward onto a new invoice?
How do I record a payment on an invoice?
Payment Plans
Subscription Billing
Auto-Apply Interest for Overdue Invoices
LEDES Billing
How do I represent a write-off in MyCase
How do flat fee cases work?
What is a non-billable time/expense entry?
Billing Activities
Removing Balance Forwards from Invoices
Account Statements
Time Tracking [w/ VIDEO]
Creating an Invoice [w/ VIDEO]
Billing & Invoicing Guide