Quick Invoicing Without a Case
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MyCase makes it easy for you to create invoices for contacts whom you need to bill for a consultation, or to bill clients who need a basic task done that isn’t necessarily associated with a case or matter.

When creating an invoice, at the top left select the contact first. If the contact you've selected has cases linked to them, their cases will be available to choose as well as an option for 'None'. If the contact is linked to one case, then that case will be the default option. If the contact you've selected does not have any cases linked to them, 'None' will be the only option.

To make sure the invoice is created and not linked to a case, select 'None' under the 'Matter' section.

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When an invoice is being created and not linked to a case, the invoice will default to have a flat fee line item. Simply add your notes and the amount of the flat fee. You can also add more flat fees if you require them. Time entries and expenses will not be an option unless a case file were to be chosen.

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After the invoice is saved, it can be shared via the client portal or emailed directly to the client's email. Separately, a link to a payment page can be copied and sent via text or email if you have MyCase Payments turned on. To learn more about MyCase Payments, click here.

The invoice can be found in the Invoices section under the Contact details. It can also be viewed in the main Invoicing section in the Billing tab.

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