MyCase Payments FAQs

This article will detail some of the frequently asked questions from MyCase customers.

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What is MyCase Payments?

MyCase Payments enables you to streamline your case fee collections, save time, and reduce costs. With a variety of online payment options for clients to choose from, it's easy for your clients to quickly and conveniently pay their bills without in-office visits.

Benefits Include:

  • Get paid faster by making it easy for clients to pay online 24/7

  • Save money with free eCheck payments and competitive credit card fees

  • Direct access to our award-winning customer service, no third party headaches

  • Simplify reconciliation and reporting; payment activity automatically updates in MyCase

Clients Can Pay Online 2 Different Ways:

  • Funds are transferred electronically from client's checking or savings account

  • No more paper checks and trips to the bank

  • No transaction fees for you or your clients - it's absolutely fee free!

Credit Card
  • Additional payment option to offer flexibility to your clients and improve cash flows

  • Easy, seamless and secure, all built inside of MyCase

  • No non-sufficient funds (NSFs) on checks; transactions are approved at the time of payment

  • Your clients have the option to pay using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AmericanExpress

Supports Trust Accounting

MyCase understands the importance of trust accounting compliance and an attorney's ethical and legal obligations regarding their clients' finances. Credit card fees are only deducted from operating accounts to ensure trust account balances remain accurate throughout the lifetime of a case.

To view Payments go to the Payments tab

MyCase Payments FAQs

How will the credit card fees be assessed and billed?

MyCase will charge a flat fee on the transaction amount (see "What are the fees and costs related to accepting Credit Card payments" below for details). Fees will be pulled directly from your operating account. You will never have fees debited from your trust account. The reporting in MyCase will break down the individual transactions and fees assessed so that your auditing will be easy.

Is there anytime that my trust account would be debited?

The only situation where funds might be pulled from your trust account is if the client disputes the transaction with their card issuer. You would have clear records of any debited funds from your trust account. We recommend that you update the language in your client retainer agreement that states that the client will not dispute a charge through their credit card issuer prior to attempting to resolve it with you directly.

How do you handle chargebacks?

If a client initiates a chargeback on a credit card transaction, the MyCase Payments team will immediately contact you to assist you in disputing that chargeback. The funds associated with the chargeback are debited from the original bank account of the deposit, but a provisional credit (if applicable) will deposit back into the original bank account upon document submission to the card brand. If we are successful in the chargeback dispute, the funds will remain in the original bank account.

How do I reconcile my fees against my bank statement?

MyCase users with reporting permissions will have immediate access to the MyCase Credit Card Fees Report. This report gives clear visibility to any credit card transactions that take place within your firm's bank account.

How does MyCase help me with PCI compliance?

MyCase operates our business and software to ensure we meet PCI requirements. We complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ-D) annually, complete and obtain evidence of a passing vulnerability scan with Trustwave, and we follow strict processes internally to ensure that we are protecting all data. We never store any cardholder data in the MyCase application or on our servers and we require clients to enter their card information via the client portal as an additional security measure. We have also built controls into the software to help firms reduce the effort to validate compliance. To learn more about PCI compliance click here.

I’m not interested in credit card, can I just use ACH?

MyCase Payments is a platform that includes multiple methods of online payment for your clients. You will not be able to opt out of one type of payment method. If your clients pay online, they will be presented with all our online payment methods. The more options your clients have to pay you, the more likely you are to get paid quickly.

I am currently using a Trial version of MyCase, can I sign up for the Payments Platform?

MyCase Payments is only available to paying customers. Once you become a paid subscriber, we would be happy to help you turn on the service!

How do I know if I have the MyCase Payments Platform turned on?

In order to use MyCase Payments, you will need to go through an onboarding process with a MyCase Payments Specialist. If you have not gone through the MyCase onboarding process, you can click this link, contact us at 800-571-8062, or by email at

​Once MyCase Payments has been turned on, you will see a message in the Settings section as a Master User that notes your database is active, and for which accounts the Payments service has been setup.

How quickly are payments deposited?

For ACH/eCheck transactions, MyCase Payments will deposit payments in 4-5 business days.

For Credit Card transactions, MyCase Payments will deposit payments in the next 2-3 business days if the payment is made before 7pm Pacific time.

What are the fees and costs related to accepting Credit Card payments through MyCase?

MyCase charges a flat fee per transaction. Transaction fees by card brand are: VISA (3%), MasterCard (3%), Discover (3%), AmericanExpress (3.9%). There are no hidden monthly fees, additional transaction costs, or minimums.

How do the fees show on my bank statement?

For Credit Card transactions, MyCase Payments will pull the related fees from your Operating account on the 3rd or 4th business day (depending on your bank) after the transaction has taken place - ensuring you have the deposited funds from the transaction first. The fees related to transactions on a given day will be batched together as one combined amount. To see which fees are included in each combined fee pull, you can consult the MyCase Credit Card Fees report.

There are no fees for eCheck transactions!

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How do I sign-up for MyCase Payments?

Click on this link and fill out your information. A MyCase Payments Representative will be in contact with you shortly to give you further details and walk you through the setup process. Setup is completely free! Please note: our payment platform is currently only available in the US 50 States.

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