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How do I record a payment on an invoice?
How do I record a payment on an invoice?

This article will walk you through receiving payments on invoices.

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To record a payment, open the Invoice Details page for the invoice you'd like to accept a payment for. Then, click the Record Payment button.


MyCase will then display the Record Payment lightbox (pictured below). You can select from these options for receiving payment, whether full or partial, on the invoice.

1: Online Payment:

You can have clients pay you directly with MyCase Payments, eliminating additional steps needed for you to enter payment information or duplicate work. These payments will automatically be deposited into the correct account, and the invoice status will automatically update. To learn more about the MyCase Payments service, read more at the MyCase Payment Service FAQs article.

2: Offline Payment:

Use this option for entering payments that were made by cash, check, other, etc.

3: From Trust Account:

Use this option to take funds from a client's trust account and apply them to the invoice. This will transfer the amount from the trust account and into your operating account, and will mark the invoice paid in the amount that was transferred. Learn more here.

4: From Credit Account:

The Credit Account is used when a firm receives funds into their operating account that have not been earned or billed for yet. In MyCase, these funds can be deposited as Credits, which can be used for record keeping or to apply to future invoices. Learn more here.


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You can also receive invoice payments from any Invoice List View. Simply click the Dollar Sign Icon next to the invoice you want to receive payment on and MyCase will display the Record Payment Lightbox.


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