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Documents Overview

MyCase is a great tool for organizing documents and sharing them with staff and clients.

Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

Your firm has an unlimited amount of data storage so feel free to upload as much as necessary. Also, there is no restriction as to what file formats you can upload. Text, spreadsheets, images, videos, audio recordings, etc., can be stored and shared within MyCase.

Your Documents, On-The Go

Your documents are securely stored in the MyCase cloud, which offers many benefits, namely mobility. Once a document is uploaded to your MyCase account, it will be accessible from any internet connected computer or mobile device. Whether you're in the office, in the courtroom, or on the go, you're only a click away from any important document.

Organize Document Versions

As a document progresses through the life of a case, edits and revisions can be uploaded as document versions. Previous versions are archived and always accessible. The screenshot below is taken from a document details page.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 9.10.05 AM.png

Please be aware that any changes made to a document in MyCase will be saved as a new version. If multiple users are editing the same document simultaneously, it will be necessary to manually merge any conflicting changes. To do so, please navigate to the document detail page and check for conflicts. If a conflict is present, you can download the document and then re-upload it to ensure that the most up-to-date version is visible within the app.

Document Commenting

Every document has a commenting section in its details page. This is useful for facilitating discussions between your staff and any clients the document is shared with. You'll never have to search through e-mail conversations or written messages to find a statement about a particular document. Everything is organized and archived for you. The comments section of the document details page is pictured below.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 9.11.34 AM.png

Clients Can Upload Documents

Clients can upload new documents and document versions directly to MyCase. You no longer need to rely on e-mail to facilitate the exchange of important documents. You will receive a notification when a client uploads a new document or version.

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