Billing Activities

When adding a time or expense entry, you will be asked to specify an Activity for the entry.

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When adding a time or expense entry, you will be asked to specify an Activity for the entry.


These activities will be a list of all the time and expense categories for your firm. For example, your activities list may look something like this:

  • Court Appearance

  • Court Reporting Cost

  • Document Assembly

  • Document Filing Fee

  • Phone Call

  • Postage

You can customize your activities list so it is relevant to your firm. Let's take a look at adding, editing, and deleting billing activities.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Billing Activities

Click the main Billing tab.

In the grey sub-menu, click on Saved Activities. You will be taken to a list of all the Saved Activities in your MyCase account.

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Adding a New Activity

To create a new billing activity for future use, click the

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button. The New Activity window will appear and you can name the new activity. You will also be able to save a default description, which will automatically populate when choosing this activity in the future. When finished, click the Enter Activity button to save it. Now, when you create new time and expense entries, this activity will be available to you.

Default Activity Descriptions

Default activity descriptions will automatically fill in the time or expense description field of new entries, but only if the description is blank when choosing the activity. If there has already been text entered into the description field, the default description does not replace it. This means that any notes you take on your multiple timer will continue to populate in the description field, even after selecting an activity. These default descriptions are firm-wide. Currently, descriptions will only automatically populate on the Add Time Entry and Add Expense pop-up boxes, but not when adding entries from the create/edit invoice page.

Editing an Activity

In the list of activities, you will notice an Edit Icon

edit icon

next to each one. Click the Edit Icon to display the Update Activity window. Simply rename the activity or edit the description, then click the blue Update Activity button. The activity will be renamed.

Please Note: When you rename an activity, it will update all existing time/expense entries that used the activity! This is true whether or not the entry is open or invoiced. For example, you rename "Court Appearance" to "Readiness Hearing". All time entries that used the activity "Court Appearance" will be updated to the new name, "Readiness Hearing". However, when editing the default description, the updated text will only populate moving forward (past entry descriptions will not be affected).

Deleting an Activity

In the list of activities, you will notice a Delete Icon

Delete Icon

next to each one. Click the Delete Icon to remove the activity from the system. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Please Note: When you delete an activity, all existing time/expense entries that used that activity will still have the activity associated with it! For example, if you delete an activity called "Client Phone Call", each time/expense entry that used the activity "Phone Call" will still have it assigned as the activity. This will also include the related description.

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