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Bulk Sharing Invoices via Email
Bulk Sharing Invoices via Email

Give your clients the ability to view & pay invoices directly from their inbox & maximize efficiency by emailing multiple invoices at once.

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You now have the option to directly email an invoice from MyCase to your client's email inbox, or provide them with a payment link to pay outside the portal.

Emailing Invoices:

After creating an invoice, you can share it via the Client Portal, or email the invoice PDF and payment link directly to your clients.

To email multiple invoices at one time, open the Invoices page and select all the invoices you’d like to share. Click Actions in the upper right, and choose from the “Share via Email” options.

You can send invoices to the case’s billing contact, or all contacts linked to the case. A confirmation screen will indicate the number of invoices emailed successfully, and the number of invoices that could not be sent; for example, if a contact had no email on file.

If you’d like to email an individual invoice, open the Invoice Details page and click Share, then Share via Email.

Select the contact(s) you’d like to email the invoice to, and customize the message as needed. Then hit Send.

Your contact(s) will receive an email from your firm including the invoice–attached as a PDF--and an option to Pay Now if online payments are enabled. Clicking Pay Now will take them to a form in which they can select the amount to pay, payment method, etc. Clicking the Invoice PDF will allow them to review all the invoice details, and includes the same payment link.

Note: This email will come from MyCase's No-reply email address.

Sending the Payment Link directly:

You also have the option to simply send the credit card entry form link (no emails, login or activation required for clients to pay). You can copy the link and send it via text, or through your own email account. Click on the link icon or the URL that appears on the Invoice Details page.

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