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FAQ about receiving payments outside of the Client Portal
FAQ about receiving payments outside of the Client Portal

This article will answer most common questions regarding the capability for clients to pay without logging into the Client Portal.

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This article will answer most common questions regarding the capability for clients to pay without logging into the Client Portal.

How do I get this option?

If you have MyCase Payments, make sure you're enabling the invoice for Online Payments when creating or editing an invoice. You can do this by clicking the "Edit" option on any invoice and scrolling down the page. When an invoice carries a balance, the options will appear.
​I noticed that clients cannot make payments using eChecks if they are not signed into their client portal. Why is that?

All eCheck network processing is run by an organization called NACHA. Their regulations require certain levels of authentication and authorization that are based on an older system designed to handle paper checks, whereas credit card transactions are authenticated and authorized immediately. The NACHA regulations would require us to basically re-create a login and password flow, which defeats the purpose. If you would like your clients to pay you by eCheck, they will have this option within their Client Portal.

Note: If you are using LawPay for payment processing, the client does not need to be logged into the client portal to pay with eCheck.

What if I want clients to continue to pay through the Client Portal?

This "Email Invoice" and payment link feature are 100% optional to use! You can continue to share through the Client Portal and your clients will still receive the exact same experience. If you have clients who have trouble logging into their portal or a portal isn't necessary for their case, then the use of the "Email Invoice" feature can help you to get paid quickly on outstanding invoices.

Are my clients required to have an email address to pay?

No email address required! While using the "Email Invoice" option requires an email to send an invoice with the payment link, the actual link itself does not require the client to enter their email to put in credit card information. You can give the link to your client in multiple ways (such as texting it to them or just printing the invoice itself and handing it to them in person), and your client can pay from there.
Firm users also have the ability to take a payment on behalf of a client directly in the MyCase web application. In Office Payments makes it easy for you to charge one time transactions, consultation fees, or over the phone payments.

I noticed a link on my invoice, where will this appear to my clients?

This link will appear on the invoice when you download or print it, or when you email it from within MyCase. The link will not appear within the client portal, as there is already a "Pay Now" button which allows the client to pay by eCheck and Credit Card.

How do I remove the link on my invoice?

To remove the Credit Card payment link on your invoice, you will need to disable Online Payments for the invoice, which can be done by editing the invoice and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Please note that by disabling MyCase Payments on an invoice, your clients will not be able to make any electronic payments within the client portal as well.

My client told me they clicked on the link and received an error message. What happened?

Each invoice has a unique payment link, which may be why the client is finding the error message. Check to make sure the invoice has not already been paid, or the balance has not been forwarded to a new invoice. Another reason this error may have been reached is because the invoice is no longer turned on for Online Payments, which can be checked by clicking the "Edit" button and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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