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How do I edit an existing invoice? [w/ Video]
How do I edit an existing invoice? [w/ Video]
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Even after an invoice has been created, you can still go back and make changes to it. This is useful for fixing errors, adding additional line items, changing payment terms, etc.

To edit an invoice, simply find the invoice you want to edit and open its details page (pictured below). Then, in the actions toolbar, click the Edit button.

MyCase will then take you to the Invoice Editor where you will be able to make changes to the invoice.

If trust funds have been applied to the invoice, you can choose to change how the trust information is displayed. While editing the invoice, scroll down to the Apply Trust & Credit Funds section. You will see the available dropdown menus to select whether to have the invoice "Show Trust Summary" (balance only), "Show Trust History," or "Don't Show on Invoice" (no trust information).

If you need to change the contact or case/matter for the invoice, please note that upon changing this information, the invoice will then change to reflect uninvoiced flat fees, time and expenses for the newly selected contact or case/matter.

If you need to change an invoice that had no case selected to now include a case, you can do this by clicking the Edit button and then selecting the case you wish to link it to under the 'Matter' section. Uninvoiced time entries, expenses and flat fees related to this case will then appear on the invoice.

If you need to move a flat fee, time entry, or expense off of an invoice and to another case, click the red X to the left of the entry and choose 'Remove'. This will send the item back to the case file. Save the invoice before moving forward. Then, go to the case file where that removed item is housed and click the Edit button to change the case it should be associated with. The next time that you invoice for this case, the item you moved to this case will be able to be invoiced.

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To edit invoice sharing:

If you need to share or un-share the invoice with contacts, click the Share via Portal or Email Invoice on the invoice toolbar. Read more about Invoice Sharing. You can also send payment reminders and record a payment from this invoice toolbar.

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To edit payment history of an invoice (issue refunds and delete transactions):

To edit payment history, click the Invoice History button on the invoice toolbar. Read more about Editing Payment History.

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