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Pay Later is a legal fee lending solution exclusively available through LawPay. With Pay Later, you receive the full invoiced amount at the start of an engagement while still being able to offer clients the option to pay a loan for legal fees in automated installments.
Read our ClientCredit FAQ for attorneys here and our Pay Later FAQ for clients here. Or, visit our Pay Later site.


Do I have to actively enable Pay Later on MyCase even if I already have it enabled in LawPay?

Yes. At this time, you will need to opt in to Pay Later on your MyCase account.

After I add Pay Later to MyCase, how will I know when it has been added to my account?

You will receive an email stating that Pay Later has been added as a payment option for your clients.

What will my clients see?

When your client submits payment, they will see a Pay Later option on the MyCase pay pages. This will prompt them to begin an application for a loan via our lending partner, Affirm.

How will I know when I have received payment via Pay Later?

Payments received via Pay Later will display in the Transactions tab of your LawPay account, just like any other payment transaction. These payments will be marked with "Pay Later" under the Accounts column.

Will payments made via Pay Later automatically appear in MyCase?

Currently, these payments will only be reflected in your LawPay account.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more, click here to take our Pay Later 101 course.

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