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When you’ve created a batch of bills, or you want to export a certain grouping of invoices at once, MyCase allows you to export these invoices together as one PDF.

You can export groups of invoices by first selecting the invoices you'd like to export. Then, click on Actions > Export as PDF.

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To navigate to this screen, click on the Billing tab, then select the Invoices sub-tab.

Export After Creating A Batch

You will also be automatically directed to this screen by clicking the “View Bills” button after you have created a batch of invoices from the “Create a New Invoice” screen.

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Filtering for Export

When you are on the Invoices sub-tab, you can filter your invoices by a case or previously ran batch in this search bar by simply typing in the word "batch" in lowercase letters.

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You can also narrow down which invoices will be grouped together by clicking any one of the statuses to be sorted (circled in green).

What Will Be Included In The Export

The invoices that will be exported together are based on what is displayed on the screen when the “export invoices” button is clicked. You can also change the number of invoices shown per page by clicking the “Rows Per Page” at the bottom of the invoice list. You can display up to 100 invoices per page.

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Once you select the “export invoices” button, you will have the option to change the status of the invoices on the current page to “Sent” by checking the box and clicking Export. If you do not want the invoices to be marked as sent, simply leave the box unchecked, and continue to click Export.

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The PDF file will then be presented for you to save, and rename if necessary.

NOTE: The PDF you create will not be saved in MyCase.

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