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For firms who offer their clients the ability to make payment installments, Automated Payment Plan will help display this on the invoice.

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For firms who offer their clients the ability to make payment installments, our Automated Payment Plan feature will help you both display this on the invoice, manage those outstanding balances, and automatically charge your clients at the planned installment dates. You will always have the ability to choose if you would like to enable or disable this functionality when setting up your payment plan.


Please note, it is your firm’s responsibility to get a contact's authorization to save and run their credit card.

How to Setup a Payment Plan
Turning on Automatic Payments
Disabling an Automatic Payment

How to Setup a Payment Plan

When creating a payment plan, you will have the option to manually enter the payment terms or have them automatically generated. To create a payment plan first generate an invoice and confirm your totals are correct. Within the invoice editor, navigate to the section titled “Payment Plan” and switch the toggle to activate. You will then have the ability to manually enter installment dates and amounts or use our generator to have them created automatically. To learn more about setting up a payment plan click here.

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Turning on Automatic Payments

After you have finalized your payment plan installment terms, select the toggle to turn on ‘Automatic Payments’.

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Once this toggle is enabled, a new window will appear to either enter your clients' payment information or to select a card already on file and confirm the billing contact is correct.

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If your client has made a payment to your firm in the past and you have the card saved on file, you can also choose this as the card for future automatic payments. You can also enter different card information here as well.

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Disabling a Recurring Payment

To turn off automatic payments on an invoice, navigate to the invoice that you would like to disable and select the Edit button in the upper right. Once inside the invoice editor scroll down the the payment plan area and select the toggle next to Automatic Payments to turn off future installments. Please note: You will always have the opportunity to turn automatic payments on again at a later point by returning to this same area.

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How do I change the card used for automatic payments?

To change a card on file for an invoice setup for automatic payments, navigate to the payment plan section of the invoice editor. Underneath the toggle to enable/disable automatic payments you will see the last 4-digits of your clients credit card number and the option to change.

What time-of-day does the automatic payment take place?

Any invoice with an automated installment due on a given date will be automatically processed at 3am Pacific time.

Will I know if a payment is successful?

MyCase automatically updates your invoice, recent activity, and reporting. In addition, you will receive a notification email containing all installments successfully transacted in a given day.

What is my client’s experience?

If we have the client’s email on file, they will also receive a successful payment email. If you have automated reminders setup, any reminder set before the due date will notify the client they have a scheduled payment that will automatically process.

An automatic payment that was scheduled failed, what do I do next?

If an automatic payment fails, your firm will be notified and be told why the transaction failed. In order to process this transaction again, this must be done be recording a manual in-office payment. All future payments will still be attempted as scheduled.

We do recommend that you check with your client to ensure that all card information is still accurate and there haven’t been any changes with that card. To update the card on file for your client, see above.

Where can I see my automatic payment transactions?

In addition to the invoice that they payments are made on you can always access all of your firm online payment transactions by navigating to the Electronic Payments report. The MyCase Electronic Payments Report will show you all payment activity made via eCheck and Credit Card within a specified time frame in MyCase, including automatic payments.

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