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Use the payment plan feature to breakup the invoice total into individual payment installations.

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How to Set Up a Payment Plan for Clients in MyCase

For firms who offer their clients the ability to make payment installments, our Payment Plan feature will help you both display this on the invoice and manage those outstanding balances. You will always have the ability to choose if you would like to enable or disable this functionality towards the bottom of the invoice.

If you do choose to enable the payment plan, you will have the option to manually enter the payment terms or have them automatically generated.


If you chose to manually set the terms of the agreement, you will select the specific due dates and payment amounts for each installment. If you need to add additional dates, select β€œAdd date.” The example case below had a outstanding balance of $1,121.00 and we entered in the specific dates and amounts that need to be collected. You will notice that you can enter different due dates and amounts with the manual function.


If you chose to use the automatic functionality, you will have the option of setting the preferences for the outstanding balance including the initial payment (if applicable). You will select how many weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly installments you would like to receive. Based on the payment terms you selected, it will show you the date the first payment is due. You also have the ability to enter in the first amount received below. Once you select apply, the system will automatically do the creation for you. You will notice in the option below, I had the system create 4 monthly payments with an initial due date of 11/1 and an initial payment of $1,000. The system then calculated the appropriate remaining installments based on that information.


Once you set the terms of the payment plan you can then decide if you would like to SHARE this invoice. We encourage you to share your invoices through the portal because it is easy to monitor when invoices have been viewed by the client or a payment has been received. You can also learn about how you can send reminders for invoices HERE.

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It is very important to note that if you are using the batch billing feature you would not want to forward any overdue balances from the payment plan. This would cancel out the payment plan you created. You can still use the batch billing feature for the new installment that is due, you just do not want to hit forward past due balance. The payment plan will still be represented to your clients on the invoice and you can send a reminder for any past due installments.

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