Account Statements

Account Statements combine all of a client's invoices, even over multiple cases, into one statement.

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Account Statements combine all of a client's invoices, even over multiple cases, into one statement. This makes it easy to communicate to your clients their current balance, what is due now, and what cases the charges are coming from.

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How to Create an Account Statement

NOTE: To create an account statement, you must first create invoices.
To create a new account statement, hover over the Billing tab and click the Statements subtab. Then, click the Create Account Statement button.

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Now select the contact or company you want to create the statement for.

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After selecting a contact, you will be able to start building the account statement. There will be a list of all the unpaid invoices from all of the cases this contact is linked to. To add an invoice to the account statement, simply select the checkbox next to the invoice number. If you want to add paid invoices or invoices from closed cases, select the check boxes labeled "Include Paid Invoices" or "Include Closed Cases."
NOTE: The contact might not be the billing contact for all of the invoices shown.

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Once you have selected all of the invoices you wish to include in the account statement, click Save and your account statement will be created.

NOTE: Once an account statement is created, it cannot be edited but can be deleted. This is because account statements are a snapshot of the contact or company account at a certain point in time.

Sharing an Account Statement via Client Portal

After you have created and saved your account statement, you can share it through the client portal by clicking on the "Share via Portal" button. You can also download a pdf version of the account statement and print or email it.

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If you share the account statement via the client portal, your clients will see a new statement notification on the portal home page. They can click the notification to view the account statement.

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Clients can also access their account statements in the client portal by clicking on the Billing tab. On their billing page they will see a list of their account statements.

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NOTE: The account statement is a snapshot overview. Therefore, clients cannot make a payment on their account statements. However, clients can pay the balance due on an account statement using their invoices.

Emailing an Account Statement

You can email your clients their account statements directly from MyCase. After you have created an account statement, when viewing the details, you can email the statement by the paper plane icon.


When you click that icon, you will get a pop up where you can customize your email, as shown below.


If the client has an email in MyCase, it will auto-fill that information for you. After drafting your email, MyCase will send it to your client with the account statement attached. The email your client will receive will look like the image below (unless you modify the message):


Viewing Past Account Statements

Old account statements can be viewed under the account statement section under the Billing tab. To get here, hover over the Billing tab and click the Statements subtab.

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