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Recharging saved cards from LawPay in MyCase
Recharging saved cards from LawPay in MyCase
Written by Jodi Hinkle
Updated over a week ago

Clients’ saved card information will sync from LawPay into MyCase so that you can recharge the card for on-the-fly processing. Recharge relieves the headache of contacting clients to re-collect their payment information.

Recharging an Existing Card in MyCase from LawPay

You can recharge a client’s credit card to pay an invoice, trust request or deposit funds into an account

To recharge a client’s credit card in MyCase:

  1. Select the Record Payment button from Quick Actions.

  2. Select an Invoice and then the Payment For option where the payment will be applied.

  3. Under the Online Payment section, select the Search Cards in LawPay carrot to search for a payment method.

  4. Select the card you wish to charge.

  5. Click Make Payment.

Note: Once you find & charge a card from LawPay Classic in MyCase, the card will automatically show up as a payment method next time you go to collect a payment from this client

Saving a New Credit Card for Recharge in MyCase

The first time you collect payment from a client when adding their credit card information into the Collect Payment screen, you have the option to save this card for future payments. Selecting the checkbox will securely store the card so that it can be charged for future payments.

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