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How to Reconcile your LawPay Transactions
How to Reconcile your LawPay Transactions
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MyCase's reconciliation feature allows you to reconcile payments made via the payment pages, card vault, scheduled payments to invoices or trust requests and accounts so that you can collect payments without manual entry and have your bookkeeping up to date.

To reconcile a payment:

  1. Select the Payments Tab.

  2. Click the Reconcile link. Note: only payments done outside of MyCase can be reconciled. This is because payments made in Pro are automatically reconciled for you.

  3. Select a Contact from the drop-down.

  4. Select the Apply To and choose whether to apply it to an invoice, trust request or trust account depending on which bank account the transaction was made to.

  5. Click the Reconcile button.

  6. A Reconciliation Success message shows you that the payment was successfully reconciled.

  7. Select the Done button.

Once the reconciliation is complete, you can view the status and:

  1. View the Invoice Number

  2. The Case

  3. The Contact

  4. Who completed the Reconciliation


Can I unreconcile payments?

To Unreconcile a payment, select the Unreconcile link on the Transactions page.

What can I reconcile a payment to?

You can reconcile invoices, trust requests, and trust bank accounts in MyCase.

What happens if a payment is refunded after it has been reconciled?

The refund is automatically reconciled to the same place as the initial payment.

What happens if a payment fails after it has been reconciled?

The payment remains reconciled and shows that it failed on the Transactions screen.

What happens if a refund fails after being reconciled?

The refund will remain reconciled and show that it failed.

How do I link my LawPay and MyCase accounts?

Click "Connect to LawPay" in the LawPay tile of your Integrations & Apps page, and enter your LawPay credentials. Click here for further guidance, or contact our support team.

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