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How to Request Funds or Retainers From a Lead
How to Request Funds or Retainers From a Lead

This article will cover how to request funds or retainers from leads, what the lead will see, and how you or the lead can make a payment.

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This article will cover how to request funds or retainers from leads, what the lead will see, and how you or the lead can make a payment. Requesting funds or retainers from leads is very similar to how you would request funds for a client.

Requesting Funds or Retainers From Leads

To be able to request funds from a lead, you must have lead and billing permissions. There are two places in MyCase where you can request funds from a lead. One option is to navigate to the lead details view and click the Billing sub tab.


Once on the Billing sub tab, click Add New and select Funds Request.

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The Request Funds form will pop up with the lead field automatically filled in with the lead you are currently viewing, but you can change this if you want. Finish filling out the form and choose to either allocate the funds to the lead or to their potential case.

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You can also request funds or retainers from leads on the main billing dashboard the same way you do for clients.

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What Will My Lead See and Experience

When you press send on the request funds form, an email will be sent to the lead letting them know that they need to deposit funds into their account and the amount. If you have online payments enabled, there will be a button in the email that the lead can click on to pay. Here is an example of what the email will look like:

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When the lead clicks on the Deposit Funds button, it will open a new tab and show the payment form like the one shown below. The lead can fill out their credit card information and pay the request or retainer.

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Payments for Lead Funds Requests or Retainers

As mentioned above, if you have online payments, leads will be able to pay using the link in the fund request email. Another way to collect payment is by going to the Lead Details > Billing sub tab and clicking the payment icon on the line item of the requested funds (see below). Once you or the lead pays the funds request, the stats will change to paid.


NOTE: To deposit funds for a lead, you must create the funds request first. Then, the lead can pay online (if you have online payments enabled), or you can collect the payment from the lead on the Lead Details > Billing tab.

Refunds for Lead Requested Funds or Retainers

To refund a payment, click on either the Trust History or Credit History subtabs depending on the type of payment you are trying to refund. Once on the correct subtab, click the "Refund" link which will take you through the normal refund process.


Requested Funds or Retainers when Converting Leads

When you convert a lead, any funds requests and payments will transfer over to the contact and case. Once converted, you will be able to see all of these details in the Contact Details > Billing tab.

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