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Advanced Document Automation
Advanced Document Automation Overview [w/ VIDEO]
Advanced Document Automation Overview [w/ VIDEO]

Create robust templates in Microsoft Word

Written by Eszter
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Advanced Document Automation brings your firm's drafting process to the next level!

Build your templates in Microsoft Word, eliminate embarrassing errors, and reduce the risk of inaccurate document drafting.

Key features

  1. Draft multiple documents at the same time

  2. Draft document(s) with multiple contacts' information in a case

  3. Build conditional logic in your templates, for example

    1. Pronouns

    2. Insert paragraphs conditionally

    3. Insert dynamic signature lines

  4. Minimize user input with Formulas

    1. Calculate dates automatically

    2. Perform mathematical operation

    3. Automatically spell numbers to words

  5. Clause Library to share and manage your firm's standard clauses

Get Started

3. Mapping template fields with corresponding MyCase Fields

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