Map Template Fields With Corresponding MyCase fields

How to auto-populate data in your templates

Written by Eszter Takacs
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Mapping fields makes your document drafting more seamless and efficient, as mapped fields will auto-populate values from MyCase!

How it Works

  1. Create a new field that you would like to map to MyCase, or map an existing field by clicking on the field's name.

  2. Toggle on the option labeled "Mapped to MyCase?".

  3. A new dropdown will appear, allowing you to select the MyCase field you would like to map to this field in the template.
    The options will be listed by categories( e.g. case fields, client fields, lead fields).

    For example, if you create a template for Prospects, use the "Leads and Roles" section. If you will use this template for Clients, use the "Contacts and Roles".

  4. Click the ">' sign on the left side of the category to review all field options.

    Note: If you know the name of the MyCase field you want to link, you can type that name in the "Find field" search box.

  5. If you select any field from the Contacts and Roles category, you will be presented with a Contact Roles dropdown, so you can specify which Contact's information within the Case you want to pull.
    (Read more about how to add/delete Contact Roles here)

    Pro Tip: Use Contact Roles, when you have multiple contacts in a Case, so you can automatically decide which contacts information should be auto-populated in the documents. When you add a new Contact Role within MyCase, you must close and reopen the add-in to have them listed.

    If you select any field from the Firm Staff and Titles category, you can choose between the Lead Lawyer or Originating Lawyer.

  6. Once you have linked the MyCase field, click "Save".

    Note: If the MyCase and template fields are linked correctly, you should see a MyCase icon appear next to the field type icon.

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