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How to Draft Documents When You Have Multiple Contacts in a Case
How to Draft Documents When You Have Multiple Contacts in a Case

How to Use Contact Roles in Advanced Document Automation Templates

Written by Eszter Takacs
Updated over a week ago

With Advanced Document Automation you can easily draft documents with all linked contacts' information.

1. Assign Contact Roles in MyCase

Go to your Open Case > Contacts & Staff > Assign Roles for the linked Contacts
( You can customize your Contact Roles. Please read more here)

2: Build your templates and map your template fields with the corresponding Contact Roles

If you select "Client Fields" from the MyCase Field dropdown, you'll be presented with the "Contact Roles" dropdown option.

Note: The Word add-in will sync with your MyCase account and your current Contact Roles. You can only add/delete Contact Roles in MyCase: Contacts > Roles

3: Make sure you save the field, and save the final template in your Collection

4: Draft documents with the Advanced Template

In MyCase navigate to Case > Documents > Add > From Advanced Template

Choose the Template(s) and click "Next: Assign Contact Roles"

c: This page will show your Contact Roles assignment within the Case. If you need to update role assignments, go to Case Details > Contacts & Staff.

d: Data will auto-populate based on your Contact Role Assignment

e: Save your Template. The document will automatically be drafted and saved in the Case > Document section.

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